Enviro-Master Services

Who We Are

Founded in 2009 and serving tens of thousands of businesses through our franchise network every week, Enviro-Master is an award-winning commercial disinfection company offering sanitation, disinfection, deep-cleaning, and hygienic services to protect the health of your customers and staff. We are invested in hygiene safety, and ensure our clients receive the proper disinfection techniques and hygiene interventions by our trained health and safety technicians.


Experts in Health and Safety

We understand that food-borne illnesses, superbugs, and even a simple office cold can have serious implications for your business and the well-being of your staff, not to mention the people you serve. That’s why for years, we’ve defended and protected our customers with the safest, proven and cost-effective products and services on the market.


Our Promise To You

You have many providers to choose from, but we are the only provider willing to stand behind our promise: We will help to keep your business, your employees, and your customers safe from infectious diseases and other threats, and we will do so with heart.