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COVID-19 Gym Guidelines – Los Angeles, California

The department of public health in Los Angeles is gradually allowing certain fitness establishments and gyms to reopen. For you to be allowed to reopen, your establishment has to meet given guidelines set out by the Governor as well as the CDC recommendations.

For now, gyms and fitness centers are only allowed to operate outdoors. You can operate in an area covered by a canopy but the sides should be open to allow outdoor air movement. And, your employees and clients are expected to wear a face mask except when performing activities that demand heavy exertion.

Here are the cleaning and sanitization protocols for gyms and how reputable commercial cleaning firms in LA can help you comply with the strict guidelines.

Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines

You should first review your existing cleaning and sanitization protocols for your whole facility, including restrooms, locker rooms, showers, changing areas, and reception areas, and improve the protocols as needed. Here are the guidelines you’re expected to follow:

  • Ensure all your workers are well trained on the cleaning and disinfection as well as supplied with EPA-approved cleaning and sanitization supplies. Follow the CDC guidelines on cleaning and disinfection, as well as Cal/OSHA’s and manufacturers’ instructions on the safe use of cleaning products.
  • Create a daily schedule that allows for regular periods of cleaning and disinfection all through your operating hours.
  • Clean and sanitize high traffic areas regularly throughout the day. These areas include lobby and reception areas, break rooms and locker rooms, and areas of entry and exits like handrails, elevator controls, stairwells, and stairways.
  • Give your team adequate time to perform cleaning protocols during their shifts. Cleaning work should be incorporated into your workers’ everyday duties.
  • Frequently sanitize commonly used and shared surfaces like countertops, doorknobs, vending machines, hand washing facilities, and exercise equipment.
  • Clean your HVAC inlets and outlets daily.
  • There should be adequate airflow (ventilation) in the areas where your workers are disinfecting. If they’re cleaning a small space like a bathroom, the windows and the doors should be propped open.
  • Your workers should have access to adequate first aid supplies like bandages to cover scratches, cuts, or wounds.
  • Your clients should be informed that they need to keep a six feet distance from your custodial or janitorial workers. You should check on them regularly to find out if the patrons are following that guideline. Also, your workers should be able to share that information without fearing retaliation or reprisal.
  • Provide hand sanitization products like sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer in your entries and exits, locker rooms and changing rooms, exercise machines, and other areas.

Staying on Top of Disinfection with Professional Assistance

Since you may be already busy with other aspects of running your gym, you can hire a reliable Los Angeles cleaning company to professionally disinfect and clean your facility and equipment on a weekly or daily basis to help you meet these strict sanitation requirements.

Enviro-Master is a leading cleaning firm that offers high-quality commercial cleaning and disinfection services. Our offerings include electrostatic disinfection services, restrooms cleaning services for gyms, and hand sanitizing solutions. If you need Covid-19 cleaning services, give us a call today to learn more about how our professionals can help.

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