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COVID-19 Gym Guidelines in Sacramento, CA

We are living in unprecedented times. We are dealing with a global pandemic that has affected every single living human being on our planet. As we now work toward getting back to as normal as we can, more and more states are setting forth guidelines to help make it possible to reopen businesses like gyms and fitness centers, things that we can all benefit from in terms of getting back on track.

California Gym Reopening Guidelines

California has been a hot spot for the virus for many months now, and as such, guidelines for reopening might seem a bit stricter here than other places. The first guideline that was established stated that all patrons and employees must be able to be at least eight feet away from one another when they are in a gym facility. It is preferred that the classes and other exercises be done outside if possible. Gym and fitness equipment inside of facilities must also be at least eight feet apart.

If the fitness center has the ability to offer outside classes or services, then they should do so. All patrons are required to wear a face covering while they are inside the facility. It is also suggested that patrons be given the opportunity to reserve a workout time so that there are not too many people in the facility or waiting to get into the facility at one time. Patrons who are waiting to enter the facility should wait in their cars and avoid queueing.

Any fitness classes must be done outside. Patrons should be able to be as far apart as possible and any classes that require direct contact or that cannot allow for the required space between patrons should be suspended. It is also required that those employees who must be in close contact with patrons, like those giving massages or other personalized training, must wear a double covering like a face mask and a face shield.

It is also recommended that the facility be aired out or that the air flow is maximized as much as possible – doors and windows should be kept open. Also, signage should be used to help make sure that patrons know the rules and that they are clearly marked. The establishment also needs to disinfect frequently, especially those high-touch areas that do come in contact with a large number of people each day. This is especially where Enviro-Master Services can help gyms stay clean and safe in Sacramento.

Professional Cleaning and Sanitizing Gyms

For those establishments that do have a high number of patrons, hiring a professional cleaning company to help disinfect your facility may very well be a fantastic option. Enviro-Master Services offers a wide selection of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting services in Sacramento to help you make sure that your facility meets all the standards and guidelines that are set forth by your particular location. We offer cleaning of hard surfaces, bathrooms and locker rooms, and a service called Virus Vaporizer that treats all the surfaces in your facility with electrostatic spraying to kill viruses like COVID-19. We want to make sure your employees and patrons will be safe and that your facility can remain safely open.

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