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Enviro-Master Disinfection Services Update – Local COVID-19 Gym Guidelines for San Diego, CA

A system has been put in place that allows gyms to operate in an indoor and outdoor setting. The current California state and local government gym guidelines allows those businesses to operate in a limited capacity at 10 percent or 90 members at a time.

And all those inside the gym must still abide by social distancing guidelines and face covering or mask mandates. Plus, each gym must file a detailed reopening plan that emphasizes on their own safety protocol with their local San Diego County health agency office.

Understanding California’s Color-Coded Tier System

The state of California has implemented a color-coded tier system for the reopening of all businesses. Here are the guidelines for each tier:

  • Widespread risk level is purple as a county has a high level of new COVID-19 cases (more than seven percent per 100,000 cases) and more than eight percent of positive testing results. Thus, having a purple tier rating forces local government officials to close all non-essential businesses such as gyms.
  • Substantial risk level is red. The recent numbers show a county has between 4-7 percent of daily new cases per 100,000 and a 5-8 percent increase in positive testing results. This increase would force local county officials to close certain non-essential indoor businesses.
  • Moderate risk level is Orange. The recent numbers show a county to have between 1-3.9 percent daily new cases per 100,000 and a 2-4.9 percent of positive testing results. This rating will force local government officials to implement a modification plan for all indoor businesses to remain open.
  • Minimal risk level is yellow. This rating means new COVID-19 cases are less than one percent per 100,000, with a less than two percent positive testing results. Thus, all indoor businesses are open with less guidelines mandating their daily operations.

Each county has a 21-day mandatory wait time before it can move to the next tier on the color-coded system. The goal is for counties to meet the COVID-19 metrics for two straight weeks before any decision occurs.

Commercial Cleaning Services are Essential for Gyms

To protect their staff and members, gym owners must regularly clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces and equipments. This measure can be fulfilled by hiring a commercial cleaning service that follows all state and local gym guidelines for cleansing.

A cleaning crew will come to your facility for a COVID-19 assessment and come up with a serviceable cleaning plan. This is accomplished by the use of high-tech cleaning technology and a meticulous process to keep your gym a safe, sanitary environment for your members and employees.

Some of the most important areas that need daily cleaning include treadmills, barbells, floor mats and benches. This approach guarantees protection against harmful contagions. Hopefully, your actions as a gym owner will increase membership numbers because you offer a clean environment to workout.

For the commercial cleaning process, most companies use non-toxic, eco-friendly cleansers inside the gym. This helps to remove all harmful viruses such as COVID-19 and other pathogens. One of the cleaning crew members will place a high-misting application that causes an electrostatic charge to the surface. The result is the particles of cleanser will wrap around the object and other hard-to-clean surfaces that offers no place for germs to hide. It becomes an easy process to remove them from the surface area. Plus, the commercial cleanser used won’t leave any toxic residue or lingering harmful fumes for members or employees to ingest.

Most commercial cleaning services have state-of-the-art equipment that removes all bacteria that is associated with COVID-19. Thus, making your gym fully-hygienic and ready for members to use.

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