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COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines in Los Angeles, CA

Restaurants have resumed operations in specific areas of the U.S., such as Los Angeles. The CDC and the Department of Health have provided COVID-19 restaurant guidelines to ensure everyone stays safe.

To follow some of these protocols, you will need help from a reliable COVID-19 cleaning service. At Enviro-Master, we offer you exceptional disinfection services that will ensure any of your guests or employees is at minimal risk of infection.

Preventive Guidelines

The coronavirus spreads through small respiratory droplets that people release when talking, coughing, or sneezing. So, it is necessary to adopt preventive practices such as cleaning, disinfecting, and hand-washing.

Personal Hygiene

You will want to insist that your employees wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water:

  • Before, during, and after food preparation

  • After touching garbage

  • After removing gloves

You should also advise your employees to cover sneezes and coughs with disposable paper towels.

Cleaning and Disinfection

You will have to clean and disinfect any high touch surfaces. Many people touch these places and items. Examples of these objects are door handles, sink handles, bathroom stalls, and workstations. It would also be best to clean objects that people share, such as receipt trays, between each use.

The products you use for disinfection should meet the EPA disinfection criteria. You should set a regular disinfection program for spaces that people share.

How We Can Help you Adopt These Recommendations

Elite Disinfection Services

Enviro-Master offers you a weekly exclusive electrostatic disinfection service. Our state of the art virus vaporizer will thoroughly disinfect your surfaces. This will reduce the risk of anyone getting or transmitting the coronavirus.

This germicidal disinfecting service also includes a certified Health and Safety Technician. The professional we provide you will sanitize your restaurant using an electrostatic sprayer. Our hospital-grade disinfectant will target the dangerous pathogens that standard cleaning cannot expel.

The sprayer spreads the germicide across the surface and positively charges it. This charge enables the disinfectant to adhere to the area for a more extended period.

Restroom and Bathroom Cleaning Service

Our restroom cleaning service includes disinfecting both the inside and outside the restroom. Our deep cleaning products and equipment will ensure your restaurant is free from the risk of coronavirus infection.

Additionally, this EPA-registered product is a food-safe one. This means that you can apply it to all surfaces, including food preparation areas. Our services are thus, the most convenient for restaurants and other food-service enterprises.

Benefits of Our COVID-19 Cleaning Service

By trusting our commercial cleaning service, you will receive the following:

  • 100% germ-or-virus-free space,

  • A hospital-grade EPA-registered cleaner

  • Food safe disinfectant

  • A durable, non-corrosive, and non-toxic disinfectant

A regular disinfection practice will be necessary to ensure your staff and clients’ safety and protection. The most straightforward way of achieving this by collaborating with an elite commercial cleaning service.

Enviro-Master offers a reliable cleaning program that will secure your premises from coronavirus and other deadly infections. Are you looking for commercial cleaning services in Los Angeles, California? Enviro-Master is here to handle all your cleaning and disinfection needs to protect you, your employees, and clients from COVID-19.

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