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COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines in Sacramento, California

Following the reopening of various businesses, including restaurants, specific guidelines have been put in place during the coronavirus pandemic. The CDC and the Department of Health recommend specific practices to slow and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

To help you adhere to these recommendations, Enviro-Master is offering you elite commercial cleaning services. With our assistance, you can continue running your restaurant smoothly and safely.

The Guidelines

The Department of Health recommends the following actions for restaurants’ resumption to curb the spread of COVID-19.

1. Employee Hygiene

Employees should observe proper handwashing with soap and water for 20 seconds or more in the following scenarios:

  • Before, during, or after preparation of any food
  • After disposing of garbage
  • After removing gloves
  • After visiting the restroom
  • After covering a cough or sneeze

With these practices in place, your employees will not expose themselves to any unnecessary risk of contracting disease-causing organisms.

Our Hand Hygiene Services 

To ensure that these hand-cleaning actions continue smoothly, you will need a good stock of soap dispensers and hand-sanitizers. We can supply these items to you and ensure that you have a reliable hand-washing program for you and your employees.

2. Facility Hygiene

The CDC provides the following considerations concerning cleaning and disinfecting your premises.

  • You should regularly disinfect all high touch surfaces
  • The EPA should approve your disinfectants
  • Restrooms and bathrooms should have a regular disinfection service

How our Services Keep Your Facility Pathogen-Free

To maintain an infection-proof environment in your restaurant, you will need expert COVID-19 cleaning services. At Enviro-Master, we have formulated methods of ensuring that your space is free of germs and viruses at all times.

Instead of replacing your regular janitorial service, we work in conjunction with it to ensure you have a reliable disinfection program.

Hospital-Grade Disinfectants

The germicides and products we use are according to the EPA criteria for disinfection and are safe for food. This means that our cleaners are suitable for disinfecting all your high touch surfaces. You could use our germicides on door handles, bathroom stalls, sinks, and even your food workstations.

Our Exclusive Electrostatic Disinfection Service

If you choose to work with us, you will qualify yourself to receive our weekly deep-cleaning service. This service involves the use of an electrostatic sprayer together with our high-quality germicide to disinfect your space.

The exclusive feature of this sprayer is that it places a positive charge on the germicide during spraying. It then causes the disinfectant to stick to your surfaces for a more extended period. It ensures that your characters pose a low risk of infection to you, your customers, and employees.

Our restroom cleaning services will ascertain that both the inside and outside of your restrooms are entirely sterile.

The Bottom Line

As a restaurant owner, you will want to protect yourself, your staff, and customers from the risk of pathogen-infection. With our products and elite services, you will afford to run your restaurant without any hiccups.

We are the most suitable option for those planning to adopt the best cleaning program while keeping costs low. If you are looking for an excellent commercial cleaning service in Sacramento, California, Enviro-Master has got you covered.


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