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Enviro-Master Disinfection Services Update – Local COVID-19 Restaurant Guidelines for San Diego, CA

One of the hardest hit industries from the COVID-19 pandemic has been restaurants. All have adjusted from being shut down to reopen, only to be forced to shut down once again after a recent coronavirus outbreak in San Diego County. Hopefully, the COVID-19 rollercoaster is coming to an end, but there are restaurant guidelines to follow if you want to remain open.

What are the San Diego Restaurant Guidelines

All San Diego restaurants must follow strict guidelines set by local and state government health agencies. Customers can either dine indoor or outdoor at the restaurant of their choosing, but only to 25 percent or 100-person capacity. All restaurants have a mandatory 10 pm curfew closing.

The goal of these guidelines is to lower San Diego’s pandemic metrics. The outdoor dining option has granted restaurants an opportunity to reopen and effectively become a functioning business once again. Ultimately, San Diego’s local government health agencies want to improve the pandemic metric numbers to a level that allows restaurants to operate at 50 percent or 250 person capacity.

However, any violation of the restaurant guidelines, those businesses will receive an immediate cease-and-desist order by San Diego County health officials. California’s health equity metrics look at testing numbers for all counties. Those who move backwards with poor results will have restrictions placed on all businesses, but the one industry hit hardest is restaurants. It may take up to three weeks before a county’s restrictions can be reversed.

Commercial Cleaning Services are the Chief Combatant of COVID-19

One of the fastest growing businesses during the COVID-19 crisis has been the commercial cleaning service industry. And to the surprise of no one closely associated to the pandemic, restaurants are this industry’s biggest client.

They’re motivated to remove the microscopic virus from their working and dining surfaces. Restaurant owners are going above and beyond the call of duty to show customers and their employees that they’re eating and working in a safe environment. No question, a cleaning boom has occurred in the restaurant industry.

It is all about preventing further infection outbreak from occurring. Commercial cleaning services can meet those changing needs from their clients. This helps to avoid any threat of preparing for financial devastation by closing their restaurant doors forever.

Commercial Cleaning Service Plan

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believes this step is an everyday need. It is important to do routine cleaning of frequently used or touched surfaces. All based on the level of use. This is why the use of commercial cleaning services is key because they have the tools, technique and training to protect your restaurant. Their staff are certified cleaning experts that used the right chemicals to fight against COVID-19.

Also, it is wise for restaurant owners to keep their employees inform of what type of commercial cleaning is taking place during the business’ off hours. This will help them to address their own exposure risks to COVID-19, sources of exposure at the workplace and routes of where transmission occurs. Their input is a critical component to executing an effective commercial cleaning plan.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a new sense of urgency to clean and disinfect every inch of a restaurant. Hopefully, these measures help to keep the doors open. The end goal for all restaurant owners is that you better have a comprehensive cleaning plan. This will help to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 throughout your local community. The above steps that were outlined, will help restaurants to navigate through this challenge.

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