Hand Hygiene Program

Hand Hygiene Program

According to research by the University of Colorado, we each carry up to 3,200 bacteria from 150 different species on our hands at any given time. According to the CDC, hands are the most common carriers for dangerous pathogens, which means anyone who enters your facility is potentially bringing in thousands of germs. Additionally, almost 70% of people don’t know how to wash their hands properly.

But there’s no need to consider everyone who enters your facility a threat to your business. Proper hygiene and hand washing are proven to reduce the spread of disease
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Hand Hygiene

How does our Hand Hygiene Program work?

In addition to our protection and sanitation services, Enviro-Master’s hand hygiene program can help you further protect your staff and customers from dangerous pathogens. Our Health and Safety Technicians will refill hand sanitizer and maintain your equipment weekly.

Who should use a Hand Hygiene Program?

While we provide our services to a plethora of different industries, we recommend our Hand Hygiene Program to enterprise operations, restaurants, bars, gyms, office buildings, healthcare facilities, government facilities, and schools or other places where an abundance of human contact and commonly shared surfaces are present.

The benefits of a Hand Hygiene Program

We don’t just give you a product. We offer a complete service for maintaining your facility’s hand sanitizing solution. Benefits of a comprehensive hand hygiene program are listed below:
  • Prevent the spread of sickness and disease
  • Lower the number of callouts due to illness
  • Provide a way for your staff and customers to quickly clean their hands
  • Promote good hygiene and personal health

Products We Use for Hand Hygiene Services

Enviro-Master is happy to provide businesses across a wide variety of industries with the hand sanitization products needed to promote healthy hand hygiene at their facilities. From hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer dispensers to sanitizer refills and other hand sanitation products, we work directly with our customers to make sure that all of their hand hygiene needs are taken care of.
Enviro-Master Services Offers Hand Hygiene Service to Businesses in Madison, WI
Madison, WI is the capital of Wisconsin and second-largest city in the state. It's a city invested in academics, its park system, and as the fastest growing city in Wisconsin, its business culture is becoming more and more diverse. Madison is a city that takes staying green seriously with its strong parks system, but it is also important to stay clean and healthy, which is why Enviro-Master Services fits right into this community.

What is Enviro-Master?

Enviro-Master of Madison, WI is a commercial cleaning and sanitation company that supports existing custodial services in a wide variety of businesses to take sanitation and hygiene to a new level. Since the pandemic began in 2020, many individuals and businesses have put a higher emphasis on staying protected against germs and viruses. Even as actual cases of COVID-19 fall, there remains a growing realization that staying protected against other viruses and bacteria needs to remain a high priority. Enviro-Master got its start in 2009, when it was founded by Pat Swisher who has been dedicated to the field of hygiene since 1983. While Enviro-Master has thrived in this crisis, taking care of the health and safety of the community has always been business as usual. To help keep commercial spaces clean and sanitized, Enviro-Master of Madison provides services in many different areas including:
Electrostatic Spraying Services -- Provides a food safe barrier against germs and bacteria that reinforces custodial cleaning.
Restroom and Hygiene Services -- Provides cleaning and germ-killing services that go beyond standard janitorial services
Drain Treatment Services -- Keeps pipes flowing smoothly and takes care of grease, odors, and related bacteria that can become harmful of trapped in the drains.
Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning -- Removes germ-filled build-up from grout lines in bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere that tile is found.
Paper Management -- Keeps disposable paper products stocked in restaurants, public and employee restrooms, kitchens and more.
• Hand Hygiene Program -- Keeps Hand Sanitizer stocked and available across business premises to encourage proper hand hygiene in every area of your business.

Why a Hand Hygiene Program is Needed

One of the core skills encouraged by children, restaurant employees, and caregivers, is to wash hands frequently and well. Despite many people being shown proper technique, most people fall short when it comes to getting hands clean with soap and water. People become hurried and just don't want to take the time, and in some cases, they just don't know better. Having access to hand sanitizer in public places and in the workplace becomes a fast game changer when it comes to keeping people healthy.

Participants of Enviro-Master's Hand Hygiene Program are supplied with hand sanitizer dispensers that are maintained by health and safety technicians so that there is always a supply of sanitizer wherever it is needed, whether that is in a restroom, a break room, near the shared office copier, or around a food court. Keeping hands clean and sanitized is the top way to protect against germs and viruses, and we are ready to provide this service along with whichever of our other services that works best for your business. To learn more about all the services we provide, and how we can serve your business, contact us today.
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