About Enviro-Master Services

Values-Based Service from Trusted Health and Safety Partners

At Enviro-Master, our core values are driven by our commitment to quality customer service, protecting our clients’ businesses, and serving our community as health and safety experts.

Customer Service

We are committed to providing quality customer service, consistent performance, and an affordable, standardized health and safety program for our clients.


We are committed to protecting our clients and their businesses by helping prevent the spread of infectious diseases.


We are committed to serving our clients and our community as an advocate for health and safety.



Experts in Health and Safety

We understand that food-borne illnesses, superbugs, and even a simple office cold can have serious implications for your business, your staff, and the people you serve. That’s why for over a decade, we’ve defended and protected our customers with the safest and most cost-effective products and services on the market.


Our Promise To You

You have many providers to choose from, but we are the only provider willing to stand behind our promise: We will keep your business, your employees, and your customers safe from infectious diseases and other threats, and we will do so with heart. Our promise is to provide you with the unique processes and trusted expertise you can count on for the health and safety needs of your business.


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