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Re-Fresh Commercial Power Washing Services

Dirt, grease, and grime can cause unappealing and unsafe areas in any business. Enviro-Master’s Re-Fresh Power Washing Service removes buildup on a variety of hard surfaces. Our innovative equipment can address everything from disgusting dumpsters to greasy floors to cruddy concrete. Re-Fresh them all, with a deep and effective cleaning treatment that packs all the strength it takes to tackle your toughest challenges.


How Does Our Re-Fresh Service Work?

Enviro-Master technicians can power wash a variety of hard exterior surfaces. Our equipment uses a heated treatment to sanitize your property and surrounding area to create a healthy environment. We offer a customized cleaning solution, working around your schedule and addressing a variety of professional cleaning needs.

Where to Use Enviro-Master’s Power Washing Services 

  • Kitchen Degreasing - We remove all the built-up kitchen grease that creates odors, attracts insects, and causes dangerous slip-and-fall accidents. 
  • Floor Treatment - We clean and degrease floors to ensure your entire facility is clean and safe. 
  • Concrete Cleaning - Our equipment is the best exterior cleaning solution to remove years of dirt, bird droppings, and debris from your commercial building. From parking lots to sidewalks, we can handle it all to ensure great curb appeal.
  • Dumpster Treatment - Regular maintenance and thorough cleaning of your dumpster are often overlooked. We address the foul odors, dirt, rust stains, and grime that create an unappealing and unsafe dumpster area.

The Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing Service

Investing in a reliable pressure washing company will not only protect your customers and employees but also your business. Take the next step to keep your building's exterior or interior looking its best and experience what a safe and enjoyable environment can do for your company.

Products & Equipment We Use in the Pressure Washing Industry

Enviro-Master’s power washing program uses the latest technology. With the cleaning power of The Tank, our high-pressure, high-strength grime remover, we take your hard surfaces back to when they were looking their best. Our state-of-the-art equipment and technicians with extensive experience will ensure a high-quality regular cleaning that will transform the look and feel of your commercial property.
Why Choose Enviro-Master’s Re-Fresh Service?

Enviro-Master understands the hassle dirty floors, exterior walls, dumpsters, and concrete areas, like parking garages, can cause a business owner. It creates an unsafe, unappealing, and unsuccessful work environment no matter what industry. We are here to provide the most reliable and effective professional pressure washing service that takes the responsibility off your shoulders. With high-tech equipment and expertise, your business will experience a high-quality clean exterior at the best price.

Our Re-Fresh service is designed to minimize water waste with a reclamation process that collects and recycles wastewater. These environmentally friendly efforts help our technicians reclaim 90% of the water and reduce the spread of oils, fats, dirt, and grease throughout the process.

The Enviro-Master team has years of experience and provides a variety of commercial cleaning services to meet the cleaning needs of any industry. We prioritize customer satisfaction and use all the right equipment to get the job done right the first time. Let us provide a well-maintained property with commercial pressure washing while you maintain your business.
Before and After Enviro-Master’s Power Washing Service
Concrete before EMS pressure washing
Concrete after EMS pressure washing