Chicago, Illinois


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Protecting our Chicago Community

Ah, Windy City, you have our hearts! Our commercial cleaning service looks for ways to increase public health protections by sanitizing and cleaning businesses. At Enviro-Master, we continually look for ways to improve sanitation and cleaning policies so you can rest easy.

From everything like public art (we love the Bean!) to some of the smaller galleries, our diverse city is filled to the brim with artsy things and amazing talent. We specialize in helping keep these creative spaces clean and ready for the milling crowds.

Chicago has many small shops and huge retail stores (we’re looking at you, IKEA), that bring people in for shopping trips and vacations from all over the country. With our huge O’Hare International Airport, we see a constant flow of visitors from all over the world. These retail and commercial spaces are hotbeds for germs when they aren’t kept on a rigorous cleaning schedule. We sanitize places like this that see increased traffic to help keep all visitors and city dwellers safe.

We love our Chicago hometown, from Wrigley Field to Superdawg Drive-In and we are committed to helping our clients find cleaning solutions that fit the sanitation needs they have.

Our Chicago team can help with disinfecting any space; from a dental office on the West Side to one of the many libraries on the South Side. With so much to do throughout our city, we know how important it is to protect our local businesses with key cleaning strategies.