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You can achieve new-looking grout and tilework when you reach out to us. You can contact us over the phone or via email. We will talk to you to understand your needs. If you want cleaner tile, it starts with a conversation with our professional team at Enviro-Master Services.

Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning

Why is tile and grout cleaning important

  • Bacteria, germs, and disease cling to tile and porous grout
  • Fights the spread of harmful bacteria such as E. Coli, salmonella, staphylococcus
  • Safer floors: clean, dry floors mean reduced slip-and-fall accidents
  • Regular mopping doesn't cut it: regular cleaning can remove dirt but not germs

Where should you use this service

  • Restrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Stairwells
  • Locker Rooms and Gyms
  • Spill Locations
  • Lobbies and Entryways

Why Enviro-Master?

  • Enviro-Master goes the extra mile
  • All technicians wear the appropriate PPE
  • We get all the hard to reach areas cracks, crevices, and behind equipment
  • We use the industry's best in class automatic grout brushes and orbital scrub machines
  • All walls, fixtures, floors are washed and rinsed with hi-pressure spray
  • All water is vacuumed up for instant drying
  • The area is sprayed with an EPA registered electrostatic disinfection system to kill all germs
  • The job isn't done until the customer reviews the service

What Our Customers Say

Michael Weiss

A could not have been more pleased with the service great company would highly recommend to Everyone

Rob's School of Music


Enviro-Master Services Offers Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning for Businesses in Albany, New York

From the State Capitol building to the NY State Museum, there’s a lot to keep your interest in Albany, NY. There’s a lot of prestige that follows the name, and that often requires a lot of upkeep in commercial buildings. One of the best ways to keep your space looking brand-new is with commercial tile and grout cleaning. In this piece, we’ll explain our commercial drain cleaning service in Albany, NY.

Who Is Enviro-Master Services?

At Enviro-Master Services, we focus on delivering specialized cleaning solutions to commercial operations around the country. We work in junction with a standard janitorial staff, and we provide the equipment, expertise, and services that they can’t handle.

We understand that every operation has unique needs. That’s why we put together an extensive list of services that you can pick and choose from.

What is Tile & Grout Cleaning Services?

Our commercial tile and grout cleaning team know the ins and outs of this industry. We provide exceptional care that results in tiles that look brand-new.

We clean better than a simple mop. This is important because there’s a lot of bacteria that lives on your floors. They’re being transported on your shoes as people walk around.

If you want your floors to be safer, we’re the best option. Our tile and grout cleaning service will keep your floors clean and dry so they’re safer to walk on. At the same time, we’re killing the harmful bacteria. If you have tiling in your operation, you need our services.

Who Can Use Tile & Grout Cleaning Services?

Our services are good for operations of any size. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tiny, local business or you’re a massive Fortune 500 operation. Anyone who has tile and grout can benefit from Enviro-Master Services.

In addition, our services work in any industry. We have a lot of customers in the restaurant business who swear by the service we provide. We’re equally useful for stairs, restrooms, kitchens, lockers, gyms, and any weather-related cleaning that you need.

Enviro-Master’s Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

The process ensures you get the best results. We start by cleaning the floor. We’ll spray all tiles with our chemicals and use a towel to clean every surface in the room. Our special grout brushes and orbital scrubbers are used to completely clean all grout in the room.

We also use a vacuum, dust mop, and another towel to make sure the room is perfectly clean. We finish with our electrostatic sprayer and throw away all debris and disposable items used. The result is a new-looking room.

Your tiles will sparkle, and your grout will return to its former glory. A lot of our customers forgot what color their grout was supposed to be after years or decades of dirt and debris pilling on.

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