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Enviro-Master Services Offers Commercial Disinfection & Cleaning Services for Norcross, Georgia Businesses

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Fast, Effective Commercial Cleaning Service in Norcross, GA

Norcross, GA began as a summer vacation spot for Atlanta residents on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, but it has grown to become so much more. Today, Norcross has become a thriving city in its own right and is renowned for offering a supportive and welcoming environment to entrepreneurs and business owners of all sizes and industries — including our own Atlanta East Enviro-Master Services franchisee.

What We Do

Virus Vaporizer™ Service

Disinfect any surface with an electrostatic treatment that kills SARS-COV-2 and 47 other viruses and bacteria.


Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Remove buildup on tile, between grout lines and other surfaces with our unique deep cleaning process.


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Restore your commercial restrooms and protect them against common diseases and viruses.


What Our Customers Say

Jeffrey Muyres

Appreciate their help and professionalism.

rahim manjiyani

I am owner of Grayson xpress food mart, I like to recommend Enviro- Master of East Atlanta for Cleaning restroom service . They are best....

abel ponce

Amazing service, fast and professional. David is the man!

andrew meekins

Very attentive and always has a great attitude

Protect your customers

Commercial Cleaning Services in Norcross & Atlanta East

Our superior commercial cleaning team at Enviro-Master Services has a long list of available services and is proud to work with an array of businesses throughout Norcross and the greater Atlanta East region. We work with industries of all types, including restaurants, bed and breakfasts, commercial offices, and manufacturing locations. No matter what business your business does, our business is dedicated to making sure your commercial spaces are clean and safe.

Restroom Cleaning Services in Norcross, GA

While we do offer a one-off bathroom cleaning service, we generally offer this type of cleaning as a type of subscription service in which a certified Health & Safety Technician visits your place of business once a week, every week.

Regular, weekly cleanings of commercial bathrooms is so important because of just how many different people use a business’s bathroom and how quickly germs can spread. The good news is that the high, hospital-grade disinfectants we use are designed to extend the germ-killing process beyond just our immediate cleaning, but we do caution that customers shouldn’t use our restroom cleaning service as a full alternative to basic janitorial cleaning. Our long-lasting germ-killing abilities are possible due to the use of an electrostatic spraying service. Electrostatic spraying coats fixtures and other high-touch surfaces with a powerful germicidal barrier that is positively charged and clings to sprayed items. This barrier will continue to protect against germs long after our Health and Safety Technician packs up their supplies.

In addition to providing a high-grade clean, business customers of ours can also sign up for our Paper Management Program. This program includes full restocking of all general bathroom throwaways, including toilet paper and soap for hand cleaning dispensers. This paper restocking program can save your money on janitorial supplies and ensure your building guests and employees don’t suffer an inconvenience like no toilet paper (which can and often will lead to bad reviews).

COVID-19 Cleaning Service

Our electrostatic spraying service also plays an important role in our COVID-19 Cleaning Service. This specialty service was created directly to combat the concerns businesses have about the spread of COVID-19 and how to keep their employees, customers, and vendors safe and healthy. For it, we use that same electrostatic equipment and disinfectant to kill dangerous pathogens, but we do so throughout a business, rather than just the bathrooms. The EPA-registered disinfectants we use have been proven to be effective at killing not just the pathogens that cause coronavirus, but also those that cause other dangerous diseases and viruses including MRSA, E. coli, staphylococcus, and more.