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What Types of Businesses Benefit from Electrostatic Cleaning?

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Businesses of every type can benefit from using Enviro-Master Services of Nova Scotia, Canada disinfection services. Many business owners wrongly assume that our services are for restroom cleaning alone. That is hardly the case. In fact, using our services in office areas can reduce the spread of viruses and other bacteria throughout the workplace as well. And use in professional kitchens, workplace breakrooms, and other areas where food is prepared or served can reduce even more potential infections from occurring.

Our electrostatic disinfection services are ideal for many businesses, including the ones listed below and more.

  • Schools and daycares.
  • Hospitals, medical clinics, and dental clinics.
  • Retail stores and shops.
  • Restaurants, cafes, breakrooms, and food trucks.
  • Office spaces.
  • Factories, distribution centers, and assembly plants.
  • Arenas, concert venues, museums, and malls.

Our electrostatic spraying services can be used by small businesses and large businesses alike. Contact Enviro-Master Services of Nova Scotia, Canada today to learn more about the services we offer and how to get them in your workspace.


Virus Vaporizer Service

Why Electrostatic Spraying is Important

  • Improves infection control and the spread of viruses
  • Reduces the time it takes to spread and cover hard to reach surfaces compared to conventional methods
  • Helps keep employees and customers safe by disinfecting large surface areas
  • Applies chemicals in an efficient and controlled manner

Why Enviro-Master?

  • We use a hospital grade germicide that combats 99.9999% of food borne bacteria
  • We use EPA-approved products that are recommended by the CDC
  • Our electrostatic spraying service is food safe, non-toxic, and non-corrosive to most treated articles

What Our Customers Say

Strat Kane

Strat, thanks so much for the great review! I am so glad you have trusted Enviro-Master to take care of all of your electrostatic spraying and bathroom cleaning service needs!

Enviro-Master Services Offers an Electrostatic Disinfection Service to Businesses in Nova Scotia, Canada

There are many fun and exciting things to do in Nova Scotia, Canada. From the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site and Cape Breton Highlands National Park to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, and the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, you’ll never run out of things to see and do. When it is time to return to the workplace, though, employers have the important responsibility of providing clean and sanitized workplaces to return to. That is where Enviro-Master Services of Nova Scotia, Canada comes into the picture for top disinfection services in the region.

How Can Enviro-Master Services Commercial Cleaning Services Help?

Enviro-Master Services is an award-winning commercial health and safety company that services businesses throughout North America. Each franchise location is dedicated to helping businesses to reduce the spread of bacteria on their properties.

When you’re in the market for sanitation companies that provide COVID-19 disinfectant services, you can do no better than Enviro-Master Services electrostatic disinfection. It is this unique application that sets Enviro-Master Services apart as one of the leading sanitation companies in the fight against COVID-19. Our fight doesn’t end with COVID-19, though. Our hospital-grade germicide is effective in delivering a 99-percent reduction in bacteria, according to a University of Arizona research experiment.

What is Electrostatic Disinfection?

Electrostatic disinfection is made possible through a unique application process that uses electrostatic sprayers. These sprayers disperse our highly effective germicide to surfaces throughout the area. The positively charged germicide then clings to surfaces for up to seven days, creating long-lasting sanitation services for your surfaces.

The hospital-grade germicide we use, while highly toxic to various pathogens, is perfectly safe for humans and the planet. This makes our disinfection services environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and even food safe. More importantly, using our germicide in areas where food is stored, prepared, and served kills up to 99.999 percent of food-borne bacteria.


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