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Cleaning Services for Property Managers in Atlantic Canada

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Nova Scotia is a jewel nestled within the Atlantic province of Canada. With affordable housing, delicious seafood, and more relaxed lifestyle, it’s easy to see why there have been so many migrants into the region. With the growth of investment in residential and commercial properties in the province, many property managers are finding it difficult to get under control of the recent explosion in growth. Maintaining a clean office, home, or apartment building is of paramount importance to rise above competitors.

What We Do

Pressure Washing Service

Enhance the curb appeal, health, and safety of your business with our Re-Fresh commercial power washing service.


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Restore your commercial restrooms and protect them against common diseases and viruses.


Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Remove buildup on tile, between grout lines and other surfaces with our unique deep cleaning process.


Choose Enviro-Master for Your Commercial Cleaning

Enviro-Master is proud to partner with the different hotspots of Nova Scotia to achieve a cleaner property standard. As a property manager, it can be difficult to run from place to place, especially during emergencies. Enviro-Master is here to help you take some responsibility off your plate.
Enviro-Master can service all building types, including:

  • Residential property management
  • Commercial property management
  • Industrial property management
  • Specialty property management

Not only will you have a much better package to offer, but everyone will be impressed with the cleanliness of your property.

Enviro-Master’s Property Management Cleaning Services

Enviro-Master is your premier solution to property cleanliness. We offer a variety of top-quality cleaning services, including:

Bathroom Cleaning Services

As a property management company, you know that a clean bathroom is paramount for potential tenants. Common areas and high-touch areas that are frequented within the rental unit can make a mess of the place, primarily in the bathroom and kitchen. By choosing EMS as your cleaning company, you will never be worried about the state of the bathroom.

Electrostatic Spraying Services

Our state-of-the-art Electrostatic spraying services use a positively charged disinfectant spray that is responsible for killing 99.99% of bacteria. It is of hospital-grade quality and safe for sensitive areas such as food preparation or high-touch surfaces.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Your tiles and grout are a top priority. Regular maintenance of these surfaces is extremely necessary, as cleaning grout and tile will revitalize and rejuvenate your floor’s appearance.

Drain Cleaning Services

Drains are usually left as an afterthought since they are out of sight and out of mind. Buildup can cause an infestation of bugs and bad smells. Our licensed technicians can work in tandem with a cleaning crew to eliminate all odor-causing bacteria.

Hand Hygiene Program & Paper Restocking

For a more luxurious value-add for your business owners, we stock your paper towels and hand soap for all public restrooms. Never have to wonder if your bathrooms are stocked and ready-to-go.

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Management offices require professional cleaners for the best service possible when it comes to your cleaning needs. Contact Enviro-Master today for a free quote and consultation!

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Strat Kane

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