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You already worry about a million different things every day. Let us deal with keeping your commercial bathrooms sterilized and fully stocked. Contact us today to find out how you can combine both services into one weekly visit!


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Why Paper Management is important

  • Excessive paper waste, dwindling paper stocks, and faulty dispensers can cost you time and money.
  • When paper dispensers break it makes your restroom look unsightly and appear unkempt.
  • According to the CDC, it is critical for your business to have operating dispensers and proper supplies for your employees and customers to practice proper hand hygiene.
  • Having an unstocked bathroom is a poor reflection on your business

Why Enviro-Master?

  • We provide the proper items your staff and guests require. Including a wide variety of paper products, paper dispensers, and sterile wipes
  • We take care of refilling all of your paper dispensers and restocking your products so you don’t have to.
  • Our paper program is cost-effective by eliminating your excessive inventory, pilferage, and waste.
  • With one less trivial thing for you to worry about, you can keep your focus on your business.

What Our Customers Say

Strat Kane

Strat, thanks so much for the great review! I am so glad you have trusted Enviro-Master to take care of all of your electrostatic spraying and bathroom cleaning service needs!

Enviro-Master Services Offers Restroom Paper Restocking Services to Businesses in Nova Scotia, Canada

With nearly a million residents, Nova Scotia is the second most densely populated province in the country. That means plenty of opportunities to interact with our friends and neighbors. From Cape Breton Island to the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotians recognize the value of a hard day’s work. That is why our agricultural and fishing industries feed families around the world.

Throughout the province, businesses trust Enviro-Master Services to protect the health of their staff and clients. We offer top-quality disinfection services and a variety of solutions designed to promote cleanliness and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. You need a way to operate your business safely, and we specialize in helping you reduce the risks associated with high population areas like bathrooms.

Let us help you keep your people healthy with commercial cleaning services like:

Paper Management Program

Wherever people gather, there is the potential for dangerous microbes. Bathrooms that are not properly maintained can be especially problematic as breeding grounds for germs and viruses. That is why keeping your personnel healthy requires fully stocked and working paper towel dispensers to encourage good handwashing habits.

Paper products in bathrooms can also be a source of wasted money. Our dispensers are designed to prevent misuse by controlling the amount of product released. Toilet paper rolls without such mechanisms can be unraveled and result in a huge mess.

Commercial Paper Restocking Service For Restrooms

Trust us to provide regular paper restocking through our Paper Management Program. Certified Health and Safety Technicians will visit your facilities once a week to refill containers and repair or replace components. That way you can always know that your customers and employees have the resources they need to keep a clean and sanitary environment.

Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser Refills

We have known for years that regular handwashing is the best way to prevent the spread of disease. Industries such as food preparation and medicine especially depend on this practice. With our automatic paper towel refill service, we help to keep your paper stocks full and ready to dry hands. That can help to encourage bathroom users to contribute to a sanitary environment by washing their hands before leaving the bathroom.

We offer a variety of paper towel products, with plenty of options to fill each specific need. Dispensers also come in several designs, each with different features or aesthetics.

Commercial Toilet Paper Delivery Service

Our paper management program includes toilet paper delivery and installation. Let us worry about keeping your toilet paper dispensers working properly and fully stocked through our commercial toilet paper subscription service.

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