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RPM Window Cleaning Service for Businesses in Atlantic Canada

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Nova Scotia, situated on Canada’s east coast, is a vibrant and diverse province with a thriving business community. Whether you run a small business or a large commercial property, the appearance of your building is essential for creating a positive impression with your customers and clients. Dirty or streaky windows can significantly impact the appearance of your property, making it appear run-down and unprofessional. With Enviro-Master’s RPM window cleaning service, businesses in Nova Scotia can ensure their windows are always looking their best.


How Does RPM Window Cleaning Work?

  • Restore: Our one-time service removes oxidation, lime scale, and any atmospheric damage.
  • Protect: We protect your windows with a long-lasting bonding agent and perform this service twice yearly.
  • Maintain: We consistently maintain your windows with monthly cleaning services.

What Businesses Can Benefit from RPM Window Cleaning Services?

Enviro-Master can set up a customized window cleaning plan for a variety of businesses including:
  • Offices
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Medical facilities
  • Convenience stores
  • Gyms
  • & More!

The Best Commercial Window Cleaning Service 

The experts at EMS commit to long-term protection and maintenance of your windows with a window cleaning service you can trust. We create customized cleaning plans based on your company’s needs.

What Our Customers Say

Strat Kane

Strat, thanks so much for the great review! I am so glad you have trusted Enviro-Master to take care of all of your electrostatic spraying and bathroom cleaning service needs!

Why Clean Windows are Essential for Businesses

Your building’s windows are the first thing customers see when they approach your business, so it’s essential to ensure they are clean and free of streaks and dirt. Clean windows help create a welcoming environment for customers and visitors, making them more likely to return and recommend your business to others. Clean windows make your building look more attractive and can even improve the indoor environment by allowing more natural light in. Plus, customers are more likely to enter a clean-looking building than one that looks dirty and uninviting.

How Professional Window Cleaners Can Boost Your Business

Enviro-Master’s RPM window cleaning service provides a comprehensive solution for businesses in Nova Scotia looking to keep their windows looking their best. Our RPM window cleaning service consists of three essential details:


The restoring element of our RPM window cleaning service uses industrial-formulated chemicals to remove oxidation, lime scale, and other atmospheric damage from your windows. Our experienced professionals use specialized equipment and solutions to remove even the toughest dirt and grime, leaving your windows looking new. The restore component is a one-time service designed to restore your windows to their original appearance.


The protect segment is a bi-annual service designed to protect your windows and keep them looking their best. Our protection feature provides additional protection to your windows, making them more resistant to dirt, grime, and other environmental pollutants. Our specialized bonding agent acts like a glass shield, filling in micropores and cracks across the entire window surface, sealing out dirt, and preserving the glass’s integrity.


The maintenance component of our RPM window cleaning service is designed to keep your windows looking great year-round. The maintenance part is a monthly or bi-monthly service designed to maintain the appearance of your windows. With regularly scheduled cleaning appointments, our professionals ensure your windows are always pristine. Our team works with your schedule to provide the most convenient and hassle-free cleaning experience possible.

EMS of Nova Scotia Can Restore, Protect, & Maintain Your Commercial Windows

At Enviro-Master, we take great pride in delivering the best window cleaning services in Nova Scotia. We understand that every business has unique needs for window cleaning, which is why we offer a customized and comprehensive solution to ensure your windows always look their best. Our highly trained technicians and customer service representatives go the extra mile to ensure that your unique situation is treated with the attention and respect it deserves. Contact us today for a free quote or to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals to discuss your business’s specific window cleaning needs.

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