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Re-Fresh Commercial Power Washing Service in Baltimore, Maryland

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If you’re a business owner in Baltimore, Maryland, you know that maintaining a clean establishment is crucial for attracting customers. A pristine exterior enhances the curb appeal, and regular upkeep of spaces like the parking lot significantly impacts how customers perceive your business.

By ensuring cleanliness both inside and outside, you can maintain an appealing appearance for your commercial property throughout the year. Whether you own a gas station, operate a restaurant, or run any other type of business, you can rely on top-notch commercial cleaning services tailored to your company’s specific requirements.


Every Business Can Benefit From Power Washing

Our power washing service can be applied to a variety of businesses including shopping centers, gas stations, restaurants, warehouses, supermarkets, schools, car dealerships, and much more! Our team will provide a customized cleaning solution for your property.

How Does Our Re-Fresh Service Work?

We use the power of The Tank, our high-strength grime remover, to power wash hard surfaces and take your building back to when it was looking its best. Our equipment performs a heated treatment that sanitizes your property.

Why Choose Enviro-Master? 

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning practices
  • Maintain your business’s curb appeal 
  • Ensure a high-quality power-washing solution
  • Benefit from cost-effective cleaning services
  • Rely on local cleaning experts

See What Our Customers Are Saying

We began employing this company to deepclean/sterilize our company bathrooms once a week. They come and consistently deliver to our expectations. Any concerns we've had have been responded to quickly and professionally. We've been working with our regular guy, Mike Palmer, for several months now and he's been great at taking care of us.

We are very satisfied with Enviro Master. they are reliable, responsive and quality. We get compliments from customers all the time about the freshness of our bathrooms. Emanuel is our technician and he is always thorough and respectful.

Jessica is very meticulous and hard working, always asks if anything is needed before leaving our location. Great Worker!! -Rafael (Ops manager)

Remove Grease and Dirt with Power Washing From Enviro-Master Services

When you work with Enviro-Master of Baltimore, you’ll receive excellent customer service, along with top-quality exterior cleaning and interior maintenance for your commercial business. We offer power washing services that can effectively remove grease from your commercial kitchen, dining room, convenience store, or bar. We can also assist you in cleaning concrete areas. With our specialized cleaning process, your business will shine. With years of experience serving businesses throughout Baltimore, we deliver superior professional cleaning services that yield the best results, ensuring your customers appreciate the cleanliness of your establishment.

Every Business Can Benefit from Commercial Power Washing

By opting for power washing services for your company, your facility can achieve an unparalleled level of cleanliness. Our Re-Fresh service employs high-pressure, high-temperature water, providing your business with enhanced sanitization and more effective cleaning. Whether you require exterior cleaning solutions for patios, sidewalks, dumpsters, or indoor applications like floors, commercial kitchens, bars, and bathrooms, Enviro-Master offers a Re-Fresh Power Washing Service that utilizes the power of The Tank. This potent grease and grime remover is designed to enhance the appearance of all hard surfaces in your commercial building, making them look spectacular in no time. With our trained professionals and cutting-edge technology, you can expect a highly efficient cleaning experience. Not only will you notice the results of this exceptional cleaning service, but your customers will appreciate it as well. Our kitchen degreasing, dumpster cleaning, and other options will help you achieve a clean building you can be proud of.

An Environmentally Friendly Power Washing Solution

When it comes to commercial pressure washing for your bathrooms, kitchen spaces, parking garage, dumpsters, and other areas, you don’t have to worry about harming the environment. Unlike many other services that contribute to water waste, Enviro-Master prioritizes water reclamation, recovering 90% of the water used during the cleaning process. This approach minimizes the risk of indoor drain clogs and prevents oils, grease, and fats from polluting the outdoors. With our environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods, we not only protect your business but also the surrounding area.

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