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Enviro-Master Grout & Tile Cleaning Services in Baltimore

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Baltimore is home to iron, steel, grain and copper industry leaders as well as a center for shipbuilding. The Baltimore area hosts Fortune 500 companies and landmarks such as Fort McHenry National Monument and the National Aquarium. Enviro-Master Services of Baltimore provides tile and grout cleaning services, electrostatic disinfection services, and bathroom cleaning services such as: hygiene, drain treatment, and hand hygiene to keep Baltimore businesses clean and safe for employees, customers and vendors.

Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning

Why is tile and grout cleaning important

  • Bacteria, germs, and disease cling to tile and porous grout
  • Fights the spread of harmful bacteria such as E. Coli, salmonella, staphylococcus
  • Safer floors: clean, dry floors mean reduced slip-and-fall accidents
  • Regular mopping doesn't cut it: regular cleaning can remove dirt but not germs

Where should you use this service

  • Restrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Stairwells
  • Locker Rooms and Gyms
  • Spill Locations
  • Lobbies and Entryways

Why Enviro-Master?

  • Enviro-Master goes the extra mile
  • All technicians wear the appropriate PPE
  • We get all the hard to reach areas cracks, crevices, and behind equipment
  • We use the industry's best in class automatic grout brushes and orbital scrub machines
  • All walls, fixtures, floors are washed and rinsed with hi-pressure spray
  • All water is vacuumed up for instant drying
  • The area is sprayed with an EPA registered electrostatic disinfection system to kill all germs
  • The job isn't done until the customer reviews the service

What Our Customers Say

Vanessa Sipayboun

Mike Palmer was very good and sanitized the place throughly! Always glad to see him

Amber Stinchcomb

We began employing this company to deepclean/sterilize our company bathrooms once a week. They come and consistently deliver to our expectations. Any concerns we've had have been responded to quickly and professionally. We've been working with our regular guy, Mike Palmer, for several months now and he's been great at taking care of us.

Why You Need Baltimore Grout Cleaning Services

Our professional tile cleaning service removes dirt and grime for a fresh, clean look. Beyond that, our products kill bacteria lurking underfoot. That’s good news considering a recent University of Arizona study found that 421,000 bacteria can attach to the bottom of your shoes. You can directly fight the contamination of high-traffic kitchen and bathroom areas by contracting with Enviro-Master Services in Baltimore. Say goodbye to E. Coli, staphylococcus and other germs that cause contagious diseases.

Make the floors of your restaurant, gym, retail or office space cleaner with regular cleaning and fast-drying products that reduce or eliminate slip and fall risks. Our tile deep cleaning service delivers consistent results that you can’t get with traditional mopping, which removes dirt but dries slowly and has a tendency to swish contaminants around, allowing dirt and bacteria to accumulate in the grooves between your tiles.

With fewer germs circulating in and out of high traffic areas, your employees may get sick less often, reducing the number of call offs and serious illnesses such as COVID-19.

Chase Down Germs and Bacteria Wherever They Tread

It probably wouldn’t surprise you that scientists have found thousands of different species of bacteria in public bathrooms, but did you know that scientists have studied the “geography” of restroom surfaces to find out what kinds of bacteria go where? Check out some of the findings of a study done by scientists at the University of Colorado. Viruses in men’s urinals can splash up. Scientists have found that virus particles at the base of a urinal can travel nearly a meter (about 3 feet) upward in droplets from the urine stream. But more than half of virus particles in urine travel outward to the restroom floor. Combat bathroom bacteria with our bathroom cleaning service.

You may think that the funky odors in your industrial or commercial kitchen derive from cooking multiple dishes. However, many of the odors that plague kitchen areas come from contaminants, spills and stains that mark up your tile floors. Let our trained cleaning technicians eradicate germs in freezers and coolers, as well as on walls and floors.

Stairwells and locker rooms accumulate soils and contaminants, leaving behind an embarrassing, funky odor. Our products we use safely removes soils, biomaterials and odors without altering the original color of the tiles.

Our tile cleaning service provides the ideal cleaning solution for spill pickup and response. Thanks to the protective barrier, spill cleanup is easier and quicker, and your floors continue to dry faster, helping to prevent falls and injuries.

Maintain the look of your entrances and lobby with our tile and grout cleaning service. Contact our team to clean up salt, mud and other weather-related contaminates that can damage and stain tile flooring.

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing Services

Our tile cleaning specialists wear the appropriate PPE while working in your building or facility. We start by cleaning up paper and trash and removing trash receptacles and any other items out of the way. We wet down and apply our effective but safe cleaning components on tile floors and walls.

Our thorough technicians use clean microfiber towels to clean all surfaces, including railings and doorjambs as well as picture frames. We use specialized equipment to scrub the grout line, remove or reduce permanent stains and deep clean around toilets and other particularly dirty areas.

We treat cleaned surfaces with a high-pressure rinse to loosen and remove even more grime. Additionally, a high-power vacuum sucks up dirty water to help prevent slips and falls. Our tile cleaning services include cleaning stall walls and other surfaces that can cross-contaminate your commercial, ceramic, or natural stone tiles.

Our conscientious technicians put back and wipe down removed trash receptacles and other items. At this point, we welcome your facilities manager to check our work.

Contact Enviro-Master Services for tile and grout cleaning services that can leave your high-traffic areas clean and help you protect your employees and guests from disease-causing germs and bacteria that hide in grout lines tile. Also ask about our electrostatic disinfection service!

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