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The pandemic may be easing, but the risk of infection from bacteria and viruses will always be something business owners have to contend with. Get in touch with Enviro-Master today to talk to us about our commercial cleaning services and sanitary service for your organization. Our weekly commercial cleaning services can help you maintain your facilities and keep them safer for longer than traditional cleaning routines.

Restroom & Hygiene Service

Any business restroom environment, including:

  • Gyms
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Stadiums
  • Grocery Stores
  • Industrial Facilities

Steps in the Service:

  • Replace air freshener
  • Clean all toilets and urinals and sinks
  • Replace all urinal screens
  • Refill all paper towels and toilet paper
  • Stock enough paper to last until the next service
  • Service and refill all soap and hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Electrostatic spray all surfaces

Why Enviro-Master:

  • Best price in the market
  • Best service level in the market
  • Soap is FREE with the service
  • This service saves you time and money
  • This service keeps employees and customers SAFE

What Our Customers Say

ROCKS Northcenter

We've used Enviro-Master at all of our places for years and been happy with their level of service. Tyrone Daniels is my current rep and he does a great job. He calls me when he's on his way, double checks my products (even when I say I'm good-he's saved me a few times) and the bathrooms have never been cleaner. He takes real pride in his job.

John Stone

Maria from enviro-master comes in weekly and does an amazing professional job. She is nice and courteous, responsive to any needs or concerns and always has a good attitude walking in the door. She gets her job done in a timely manner and works hard to ensure that it is done perfectly. I couldn’t ask for better service.

Enviro-Master Offers Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Services to Businesses in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a vibrant, hustling town full of unique attractions that invite people in for culture, food, entertainment and a feeling that the good times will never end. Visitors to the city want to see the best of the best, and business owners need to make sure the cleanliness of their restrooms are on par with the rest of the experience on offer. Enviro-Master’s bathroom cleaning services in Chicago help business owners and operators keep their facilities clean, prevent them from becoming a source of infection, and give users confidence that the business cares about their well-being and safety. Here’s a look at the professional commercial cleaning services offered by Enviro-Master.

Enviro-Master’s Restroom Cleaning Services Cover All Bathroom Surfaces and More

Bathrooms have a reputation as being a potential source of infections due to their very nature. Public restrooms are viewed as being more of a risk because they’re used by random people all the time. At Enviro-Master, we offer once-a-week restroom cleaning and hygiene services that makes it easier for your employees to maintain. Our technicians clean the restrooms according to a bathroom cleaning checklist that ensures they get the bathroom sparkling clean and smelling fresh. The bathroom cleaning checklist includes actions such as:

  • Check soap dispensers and refill as needed
  • Cleaning all toilet surfaces inside the bowl and out
  • Remove buildup and scale from toilet floor bolts
  • Clean all toilet fixtures
  • Clean sinks and faucets
  • Check and restock paper inventory according to customer’s requirements
  • Wipe down dirty surfaces
  • Pick up trash and dispose of it
  • Clean and/or change out dirty dispensers

Upon completion of the checklist, the technician takes a moment to make sure that they’ve done everything on the list, then finalizes the work by spraying a coating of Sani-Shield over all surfaces. Our cleaning products are designed to kill bacteria and viruses on contact while keeping fixtures and hardware cleaner for longer.

Keep Your Facilities Cleaner for Longer With Our Electrostatic Spraying Service

We offer professional commercial cleaning services feature the use of an electrostatic sprayer along with a laboratory-tested and hospital grade sanitizer that lasts for up to a week. Enviro-Master’s technicians use the sprayer to treat restrooms, kitchens, prep areas, and anywhere that a high level of contact occurs.

The electrostatic sprayer gives each droplet an electric charge that makes the sanitizer adhere to just about every surface. Once the sanitizer dries, it stays in place until it meets a virus or bacteria or degrades. Each treatment lasts for up to a week, and laboratory testing has shown the sanitizer to be over 95% effective after application.


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