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The big windy City has long been a central business, social and cultural point of the Midwest, and today’s Chicago is just as important as it has been for decades. Sitting on the edge of the Great Lakes, it is home to major sports like the Cubs and Bulls, the Field Museum (one of the largest collections in the world), the Chicago stock exchange, major universities, and one of the biggest city populations in the U.S. No surprise then, any facility operating a sizable operation in Chicago is going to need serious cleaning services to take care of things daily, especially when there is a lot of traffic and lots of folks interacting.

What We Do

Pressure Washing Service

Enhance the curb appeal, health, and safety of your business with our Re-Fresh commercial power washing service.


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Restore your commercial restrooms and protect them against common diseases and viruses.


Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Remove buildup on tile, between grout lines and other surfaces with our unique deep cleaning process.


Chicago Gets Fit Like Everyone Else Too

With a growing population of go-getters as well as people needing to maintain or improve their health, gyms are a big demand in Chicago and can literally be in every neighborhood. That means a lot of folks working out, sweating, and needing a facility that is cleaned and sanitized regularly, being a semi-public meeting spot. Enviro-Master Services understands this facility need, serving businesses across the country and nationwide in all sizes and locations. Gyms and recreation centers represent a unique combination of restroom and shower cleaning, locker room maintenance, material stocking, and carpet or floor cleaning daily. Not every service is fully equipped to address these issues as a combination as well as provide electrostatic surface sanitizing as well.

Comprehensive Services for High Traffic

With Enviro-Master Services, gyms and workout facilities receive a full package of surface sanitizing, change and restroom cleaning, tile and grout deep cleaning, and electrostatic spraying to block and kill viral transmission factors common in high traffic areas. In addition, our teams were versed in full facility re-stocking, from hand hygiene stations to typical bathroom and locker room supply changeouts daily, weekly, monthly or whatever schedule is needed.

Our teams can also provide professional deep cleaning for all common area surfaces in recreation facilities, including hard to manage tile grout with water exposure and heavy staining. We bring the right equipment, the right skills and the right knowledge to the job to leave a treated public room cleaner than it has been for years. That includes drain treatments as well as common equipment controls that see a lot of contact and usage during the normal public schedule.

Pull in the Chi-Town Professionals for a Higher Level of Cleaning Service

It’s hard to find one outfit in Chicago that provides a full, comprehensive combination of commercial cleaning services all in one package the way that Enviro-Master Services provides for its clients. If your recreation center or gym needs a new approach to keeping clean, keeping customers safe and happy, and most importantly, avoiding the spread of sickness risk, then it’s time to give us a call or email to find out how to step up your facility’s safety game a notch. We’re available and can service all types of gyms and recreation facilities in Chicago. Email us or text as well. We’re online too at our Enviro-Master Services website and channels.

ROCKS Northcenter

We've used Enviro-Master at all of our places for years and been happy with their level of service. Tyrone Daniels is my current rep and he does a great job. He calls me when he's on his way, double checks my products (even when I say I'm good-he's saved me a few times) and the bathrooms have never been cleaner. He takes real pride in his job.

Plainfield BWW

Great company, very professional work, A special shout out to Alejandro for always providing excellent service when he is here to service my restaurant!

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