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Re-Fresh Commercial Power Washing Service in Columbia, South Carolina

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As businesses and organizations across the city of Columbia, SC continue to expand and evolve, a clean and safe commercial property is a must for success.

For spotless and healthy exterior and interior surfaces, a high-quality commercial power washing service will provide visible results. Enviro-Master of Columbia offers uses the best power washing technique to help maintain a variety of businesses from offices to warehouses to gas stations and everything in between.

Re-Fresh Commercial Power Washing

How Does Our Re-Fresh Power Washing Service Work?

We use the power of The Tank, our high-strength grime remover, to power wash hard surfaces and take your building back to when it was looking its best. The Tank can sanitize a variety of surfaces to provide a deep clean and disinfection throughout your business.

A Re-Fresh for A Variety of Businesses

Enviro-Master’s commercial power washing services can benefit a wide range of businesses including:
  • Shopping Centers
  • Gas Stations
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Supermarkets
  • Schools & Daycares
  • Car Dealerships
  • And much more…

Why Choose Enviro-Master?

  • Invest in environmentally friendly cleaning solutions
  • Maintain your business’s curb appeal
  • Ensure a high-quality power washing service
  • Benefit from cost-effective cleaning services
  • Rely on local cleaning experts

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Debra Dozier

Loved it the experience was awesome can't wait to return Friday

Sam Thomas

I delt with Jeff Moak, and he was very understanding of my concerns and spent a great deal of time explaining his services with me. I have been very pleased with the services thust far.

Tyler Baker

Great staff to work with. Keeps my restrooms clean and safe. Love the services and their team!

Enviro-Master’s Commercial Power Washing Services for Columbia Businesses

Enviro-Master has a highly trained team that knows how to effectively clean, sanitize, and maintain your outdoor and indoor areas with our Re-Fresh Power Washing Service. We use top-quality cleaning products, a proprietary cleaning process, and high-efficiency equipment to provide you with an excellent exterior cleaning service for your commercial building.

The Benefits of Our Re-Fresh Service

Employing professional cleaning services to power wash your business offers several advantages, including minimizing your liability for slip and fall accidents caused by slippery floors and parking lots. The accumulation of grease, oils, and other debris can lead to hazardous conditions, and power washing is an effective way to remove such substances.

Enviro-Master’s high pressure power washing and pressure washing are extremely effective. We treat indoor areas such as bathrooms, commercial kitchens, and tile floors using a proprietary hospital-grade cleaning solution and a heated water treatment that ensures everything is effectively sanitized. Additionally, our services are great for outdoor areas when it comes to removing grease from your parking lots, dirt from your dumpster areas, and stains from your patios and sidewalks.

At Enviro-Master, our power washing team utilizes cutting-edge technology and receives extensive training to ensure effective removal of accumulated grease that causes unpleasant odors, attracts insects, and poses a significant risk of slip and fall accidents. The best part? We offer our top-quality services at an affordable price point.

Invest in an Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solution

In contrast to other power washing companies, Enviro-Master stands out by reclaiming 90% of the water used during the cleaning process. This not only benefits the environment but also prevents the spread of grease, oils, and fats that can block your drains and create further liabilities outside.

Contact Enviro-Master of Columbia, South Carolina 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a no-obligation quote on our commercial power washing services. At our company, we are well-versed in health and safety standards and recognize the severe impact of food-borne illnesses, viruses, superbugs, and even the common cold on businesses in Columbia, SC. To that end, we take great care in offering our customers the safest and most economical products and services possible. With a team of expertly trained professionals and exceptional customer service, we’re excited to have the opportunity to serve you.

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