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Our drain maintenance treatment specialists are a call away. Even if you do not need drain cleaning service now, your Columbus business or other organization can benefit from our COVID-19 cleaning service, our restroom and hygiene service and our deep cleans. Reach out to us today to find out more about our cleaning services and schedule the cleaning of your facility. You can contact us by dialing 1-833-437-6776. You can also contact our cleaning specialists by filling out online contact form.

Drain Treatment

Why is drain treatment important

  • Fats, oils, and greases (“FOG”) can lead to clogged or slow moving drains
  • Drain buildup can cause foul odors that cause employee and customer dissatisfaction
  • Flies and other pests use drains as a food source and breeding ground
  • Regular drain service can reduce grease trap cleanouts and the need for plumbers

Why Enviro-Master?

  • Save time and money by letting the hygiene experts keep your drain lines running clean
  • Our foaming drain line service treats the entire surface of the pipe (360 degrees) as the foam travels through the drain system
  • The unique formula of our drain line treatment digests fats, oils, and greases and turns them into carbon dioxide and water
  • Drain lines are best serviced weekly to keep buildup down and more flies from breeding, let our technicians stay on top of this so you don’t have to

What Our Customers Say

Andrew Stocksdale

Sara did an OUTSTANDING job this morning in our restaurant. She was on time, professional and even went out of her way to show us an additional service that she thought we could benefit from. Since Sara showed us what we would see from the service, we agreed to give it a shot. Great job Sara and EnviroMaster!

Alex Gast

Gary was great today. He wasn’t our normal Tech as our is out sick but he was very nice and I asked him a few questions and he was able to give me the answers and told me they would be passed along to the other tech!

Enviro-Master Services Offers Commercial Drain Cleaning & Treatment for Businesses in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is the capital of the “Heart of It All” that is the state of Ohio. Columbus is also the state’s most populous city with around 900,000 people. In fact, only 13 other cities in the United States have more residents than Columbus.  This growing metropolis has a bustling economy and plenty of attractions. Locals and tourists alike gravitate to North Market, a food hall and public market in downtown Columbus. Other local draws include the Greater Columbus Convention Center, One Nationwide Plaza, LeVeque Tower and the Rhodes State Office Tower.  Those interested in art sing the praises of the Columbus Museum of Art. History buffs love visiting the city’s Ohio History Connection’s flagship museum known as the Ohio History Center.

Introduction to Enviro-Master Services

If you own or manage a business of any type in Columbus, you can benefit from Enviro-Master Services. We provide deep cleaning, disinfection, sanitization and more for all local companies including schools, governmental organizations and other facilities. Our team will ensure your building is perfectly clean and safe for employees and visitors alike.

Drain Treatment Service

Our foaming drain line treatment is necessary for commercial kitchens and public restrooms in Columbus. This service ensures your facility does not have any overflowing drains or nasty odors lingering in the air. Odors stemming from drains are particularly problematic for businesses in the restaurant and hospitality industries. In fact, such odors indicate clogged drains that might even qualify as health code violations.

Our commercial drain cleaning service in Columbus unclogs drains to ensure your facility is clean and smells fresh. Our Foaming Drain Line Service directly attacks the clog by dispersing a bio-active foam into drain lines. The foam contacts the drain system interior, ensuring the bio-active enzyme can eliminate the source of the backup.

Places to Use Our Drain Treatment Service

If your building has a restroom or a kitchen, you can benefit from our drain treatment service. In particular, retail restrooms, fitness facility locker rooms, restaurants and other hospitality businesses need our drain treatment service to provide customers with the best possible on-site experience. From bars to restaurants, hotels, gyms, schools, healthcare facilities and beyond, Columbus, Ohio businesses of all types can benefit from our drain treatment service. Our commercial drain cleaner is exactly what you need to keep your facility’s drains clean and clear, ensuring your building functions as designed and does not have a nasty odor that turns customers away.

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