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RPM Window Cleaning Service for Businesses in Columbus, Ohio

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Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas have been coined the “Heart of It All” with everything from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to Art museums and breweries. With a long list of things to do, businesses have to stand out to attract new and existing customers and clients. Columbus business owners can benefit from a commercial cleaning company that prioritizes each company’s specific needs.

Clean windows are the best way to leave a positive first impression for your commercial building and maintain customer satisfaction. Rely on Enviro-Master’s interior and exterior window cleaning service for all of your building’s window cleaning needs.


  • Restore: Our one-time restore treatment utilizes industrial-grade chemicals to remove oxidation, lime scale, and other environmental harm from your glass.
  • Protect: Twice per year, our team uses a specialized bonding agent that acts as a glass shield to fill in micropores and cracks and seal out dirt. This step preserves your glass’s integrity.
  • Maintain: Our window washing service provides regular cleaning as necessary to keep your windows looking pristine. We suggest scheduling this service once or twice per month to ensure the best results.

Clean Windows Are a Must

As a business, it’s crucial to prioritize curb appeal as it creates a professional impression for your customers and clients. By consistently maintaining clean and clear windows, you demonstrate your concern for your facility's appearance. Let us take care of your window cleaning needs to keep your establishment looking its best.

The Best Commercial Window Cleaning Service 

The experts at EMS commit to long-term protection and maintenance of your windows with a window cleaning service you can trust. We create customized cleaning plans based on your company’s needs.

What Our Customers Say

Andrew Stocksdale

Sara did an OUTSTANDING job this morning in our restaurant. She was on time, professional and even went out of her way to show us an additional service that she thought we could benefit from. Since Sara showed us what we would see from the service, we agreed to give it a shot. Great job Sara and EnviroMaster!

Alex Gast

Gary was great today. He wasn’t our normal Tech as our is out sick but he was very nice and I asked him a few questions and he was able to give me the answers and told me they would be passed along to the other tech!

A Reliable Window Cleaning Service for Columbus Businesses

Our cleaning company understands the importance of maintaining a regular regimen of thorough cleaning to keep dirty windows a thing of the past. When exterior windows are left unattended and look dull and dirty from an accumulation of built-up dirt and debris, it makes a lasting impression on potential clients.

With the help of a frequent cleaning program using Enviro-Master’s RPM window cleaning service, your commercial property or office building will stand out as clean and cared for.

Drawing on years of experience, Enviro-Master has been in the business of providing communities with solutions specific to a company’s needs. From cleaning to disinfecting, our expert technicians use environmentally friendly products, modern techniques, and the right equipment to ensure the job is done right from start to finish.

We provide professional window cleaning service each and every time, ensuring our customers that they can rely on us for the services they need to support a healthy and clean environment for their customers and employees.

What to Expect from the RPM Commercial Window Cleaning Service

Our fully insured professional cleaning process and cleaning services leave business owners with clean windows, whether they look in or out.


Restoring the windows is the first step in securing the integrity of the windows. Our technicians will apply a coating of an industrial-formulated chemical solution designed to remove unsightly buildup, such as lime scale. The chemical is applied once.


Twice a year, an Enviro-Master technician revisits your building’s windows. During the visit, the tech applies a bonding agent specially designed to remove grime and scaly substances plus fill in any cracks. The coating helps preserve the glass while preventing dirt buildup.


As part of the window cleaning package, once or twice a month one of our technicians will clean all the windows, then reapply a protectant to each window. This process supports glass integrity and maintains the visual appeal of clean windows.

Contact Us EMS of Columbus for RPM Window Treatment

As a business owner in need of a commercial window cleaning service, look no further than Enviro-Master. Our cleaning professionals turn the curb appeal of your commercial property into a customer-friendly environment. We offer a cost-effective solution for your business’s cleaning needs on a regular basis. The first time we meet, our team will conduct a thorough audit of your space to create a comprehensive cleaning plan. Contact our office by phone or online to request a free estimate.

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