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As a business owner or operator, your energy should be focused on running the business. It is important to develop relationships with qualified, trustworthy vendors to handle routine maintenance tasks. When you are ready to protect your business and keep your drains clean, reach out to one of the technicians at Enviro-Master of North Metro Detroit, Michigan, at (734)-407-8949 or visit our website for more information.

Drain Treatment

Why is drain treatment important

  • Fats, oils, and greases (“FOG”) can lead to clogged or slow moving drains
  • Drain buildup can cause foul odors that cause employee and customer dissatisfaction
  • Flies and other pests use drains as a food source and breeding ground
  • Regular drain service can reduce grease trap cleanouts and the need for plumbers

Why Enviro-Master?

  • Save time and money by letting the hygiene experts keep your drain lines running clean
  • Our foaming drain line service treats the entire surface of the pipe (360 degrees) as the foam travels through the drain system
  • The unique formula of our drain line treatment digests fats, oils, and greases and turns them into carbon dioxide and water
  • Drain lines are best serviced weekly to keep buildup down and more flies from breeding, let our technicians stay on top of this so you don’t have to

What Our Customers Say

Adam Baker

Ben and Robyn that service the Romeo Enterprise location are awesome. Ben is super friendly and has became like a friend. Every day he has a positive attitude & works hard. Always take the extra time to ensure our office is clean & safe. Would recommend them to all of my family and friends! 100/10 service! 6 stars.

Brenda LaClave

We have had several of your employees come to clean our workplace and Delilah by far the best. She is outstanding. I had to tell our HR person that Delilah cleans our restrooms as thorough as what I would clean my own at home. With the others I would not use the restroom until I re-cleaned it myself because it smelled dirtier than before they cleaned. Not to mention Delilah has this kindness about her that everyone here just loves. You’re lucky to have her as an employee!!!

Enviro-Master Services Offers Commercial Drain Cleaning & Treatment for North Metro Detroit, Michigan Businesses

If you are a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities. Managing employees, balancing the budget and processing payroll take a great degree of time and effort. Another one of your responsibilities is to make sure the components of your building work properly.

As the 13th largest metropolitan area in the United States, Detroit has its business in a variety of industries. Whether your business has something to do with Motown, food, sports, or the auto industry, you likely need a drain maintenance treatment plan.

Maintenance of drains may not be on your radar until it is too late needs costly repairs. Keep the drains at your business clean and operational by partnering with Enviro-Master Services of North Metro Detroit, Michigan, for their Foaming Drain Line Treatment.

Commercial Drain Cleaning Service in North Metro Detroit, Michigan

At Enviro-Master, we offer commercial cleaning and disinfection services in North Metro Detroit with our heath and safety team. These technicians are trained to foam your drains weekly. This process keeps drain and drain line issues from reoccurring.

Using Enviro-Master’s commercial drain cleaning services is one way to keep your drains free of clogs. Enviro-Master uses an enzyme-based bio-active foam that coats the entire drain system, keeping it free of clogs and eliminating odors.

Foaming Drain Line Treatment

Enviro-Master doesn’t use your typical commercial drain cleaner. Because we know unpleasant odors and overflowing drains cause nightmares for businesses, our products target both treatment and prevention. Our Foaming Drain Line Treatment helps to avoid issues caused by clogged drains by:

  • Eliminating unpleasant odors caused by build-up
  • Preventing drains and drain lines from clogs from grease and food
  • Using enzymatic solutions to remove clogs and buildup
  • Eliminating costly plumbing expenses caused by clogged drains

When your drains aren’t working properly, you risk health code violations, lost business and reduced income. Luckily, Enviro-Master’s foaming drain maintenance treatment plan can help you avoid or eliminate the issues caused by clogged drains.

Perfect for a Variety of Applications

Enviro-Master considers themselves an expert in restaurant cleaning, but we do not limit our services to the hospitality industry. Our drain treatment plan is also appropriate for all industries like gyms, healthcare facilities, schools and offices. You may have drains in a commercial kitchen or maybe your drains are limited to bathrooms. Regardless of the location, if you have drains and drain lines, you need Enviro-Master. We can make sure the drains at your facilities are kept odor-free and working properly.



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