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RPM Commercial Window Cleaning Service in Detroit, Michigan

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Detroit, the largest city in the state of Michigan and 10th largest in the nation, is known as the “automobile capital of the world” and has been the filming location of more than 70 movies and a dozen or so television shows. It’s also been dubbed one of the most fun cities in America and has an active nightlife scene that keeps going into the wee hours.

All this excitement means that Detroit businesses need to be proactive about keeping their buildings and spaces clean. Window cleaning is one of the most important parts of presenting an attractive, welcoming commercial property for patrons, but many companies just don’t have the time, staff or the right equipment to clean their windows themselves. Enviro-Master RPM Professional window cleaning services in North Detroit can help.


What to Expect With Our RPM Window Treatment

  • Restore: Our one-time restore treatment utilizes industrial-grade chemicals to remove oxidation, lime scale, and other environmental harm from your glass.
  • Protect: Twice per year, our team uses a specialized bonding agent that acts as a glass shield to fill in micropores and cracks and seal out dirt. This step preserves your glass’s integrity.
  • Maintain: Our window washing service provides regular cleaning as necessary to keep your windows looking pristine. We suggest scheduling this service once or twice per month to ensure the best results.

Clean Windows Are a Must

As a business, it’s crucial to prioritize curb appeal as it creates a professional impression for your customers and clients. By consistently maintaining clean and clear windows, you demonstrate your concern for your facility's appearance. Let us take care of your window cleaning needs to keep your establishment looking its best.

Why Choose Enviro-Master?

EMS has a variety of commercial cleaning services that your business can trust. We show up to do our job and do it right the first time. The needs of our customers are at the forefront of our business. For a reliable and consistent clean, choose Enviro-Master Services.

What Our Customers Say

Adam Baker

Ben and Robyn that service the Romeo Enterprise location are awesome. Ben is super friendly and has became like a friend. Every day he has a positive attitude & works hard. Always take the extra time to ensure our office is clean & safe. Would recommend them to all of my family and friends! 100/10 service! 6 stars.

Brenda LaClave

We have had several of your employees come to clean our workplace and Delilah by far the best. She is outstanding. I had to tell our HR person that Delilah cleans our restrooms as thorough as what I would clean my own at home. With the others I would not use the restroom until I re-cleaned it myself because it smelled dirtier than before they cleaned. Not to mention Delilah has this kindness about her that everyone here just loves. You’re lucky to have her as an employee!!!

How Professional Window Cleaners Can Boost Your North Detroit Business

Over time, dirt and grime build up on windows and block out natural light. This can make your interior spaces feel dark and dreary, making it harder for employees to work during the day. With clean windows, you’ll let in more natural light and brighten up your workplace.

Plus, professional window cleaning services help maintain the value of your commercial building by increasing its overall exterior appearance. This naturally draws more customers without additional marketing or advertising.

EMS of Detroit, Michigan Can Restore, Protect & Maintain Your Commercial Windows

Window cleaning professionals have access to specialized industry tools that most businesses don’t and have been trained in the best techniques, allowing them to clean your windows more effectively and with fewer streaks. DIY cleaning at best won’t give you the results you want and, at worst, can cause property damage or injury.

Hiring a window cleaning company to improve your curb appeal, safety, and earning capacity is often more affordable than many people think, especially when you consider all the time and effort it would take to do it yourself or have someone on your staff do it.

RPM: The Superior Commercial Window Cleaning Package

At Enviro-Master, we have more than 100 years of experience combined and have developed a proprietary window cleaning process designed to completely refresh your dirty windows and keep them cleaner for longer:

  • Restore. Our technicians use the highest quality and specially-formulated cleaning solutions to cut through built-up grease, grime, and dirt.
  • Protect. Once your windows are sparkling clean, we apply a hydrophobic and oleophobic sealant that protects your glass like a shield would.
  • Maintain. We know one service isn’t going to keep your windows clean forever, so our regular maintenance program includes bi-weekly or monthly professional service to ensure your windows look great.

We provide high-quality window cleaning services for business owners, giving them the confidence to present a professional and polished first impression to their customers. Our window cleaning technicians use the latest technology and proper equipment to guarantee a streak-free shine for all types of interior and exterior windows, including skylights, office buildings, store fronts and more. With our flexible scheduling and competitive rates, we make commercial window washing an affordable and hassle-free experience.

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Choose Enviro-Master for fast, efficient and hygienic window cleaning services in Detroit, MI and surrounding areas. No matter what type of business you have, we can help design a cleaning solution that works for your needs and budget. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!

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