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Re-Fresh Commercial Power Washing Service in El Paso, TX

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If you own or manage a business in El Paso, TX, a reliable power washing service can work wonders on the exterior and interior of your building. Concrete areas, parking lots, dumpsters, bathrooms, and commercial kitchens: these are just a few many spots that can end up with layer upon layer of caked-on grease, grit, and dirt.Enviro-Master of El Pasooffers a Re-Fresh Power Washing Service that can restore your building.


How Can Our Re-Fresh Power Washing Service Help Your Business?

The power of our high-tech power washing equipment will ensure your business looks as good as new. We address a variety of hard surfaces both indoor and outdoor to remove dirt, grime, and buildup while sanitizing your property.

What Businesses Need Commercial Power Washing Services?

Our Re-Fresh Power Washing Service can be applied to a variety of businesses including shopping centers, gas stations, restaurants, warehouses, supermarkets, schools, car dealerships, and much more! Our team will provide a customized cleaning solution for your property.

Why Choose Enviro-Master?

  • Invest in environmentally friendly cleaning solutions
  • Maintain your business’s curb appeal
  • Ensure a high-quality power washing service
  • Benefit from cost-effective cleaning services
  • Rely on local cleaning experts
  • What Our Customers Say

    Professional and trustworthy service!

    Company employee Bruce Green is very thorough with there cleaning services and very professional on our scheduled visits. Overall happy with this companies services and staff.

    Re-Fresh Your El Paso Business

    The appearance of your building is connected to more than just its photogenic qualities or curb appeal. If you’re not paying attention, it doesn’t take very long for the issue to reach a breaking point. Regular maintenance means that you’re addressing the health of your facilities, and it can save you money in the long run. Bacteria that build up on the interior and exterior can eventually lead to mold that can either pollute the air or start to eat away at the structural integrity of your facility. A cleaning solution that uses a high-pressure, sanitizing cleaning process can transform your business in more ways than one. From restaurants to warehouses, every commercial property can benefit from a Re-Fresh.

    Enviro-Master of El Paso’s Re-Fresh Power Washing Service

    El Paso’s Re-Fresh power washing is an exterior and interior cleaning service that provides the following:

    • Advanced equipment: Innovative equipment means a more effective and efficient clean.
    • Experienced team: Our technicians know that every job has its own specific needs. Their expertise allows us to elevate our customer service to the next level.
    • Eco-friendly process: We use a water reclamation process to ensure that we’re using our resources wisely.
    • High heat: Unlike alternative options, our machine uses a heated water treatment to completely remove grease and sanitize your surfaces.

    Why Choose Enviro-Master of El Paso?

    Our team knows that commercial power washing can make it easier for business owners to market their products and services. It also helps guests feel comfortable when they’re on the premises. Enviro-Master is committed to fulfilling our end of the bargain by showing up on time, working with requests, and seeing the job through to the end. Plus, we know that not every business owner has the same schedule, which is why we’re flexible enough to work with yours.

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