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Commercial Floor Mat Advantage in Fort Lauderdale

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Fort Lauderdale is known as a hot spot for vacationers who want to relax on the beach and swim in the Atlantic Ocean, but it’s also home to businesses in various industries, including marine, avionics/aerospace, manufacturing, and more. From restaurants and shops geared toward tourists to large business facilities that employ residents, cleanliness is crucial, and it all starts with floor mats.

Floor Mat Advantage

What Businesses Could Benefits from Our Floor Mat Advantage?

  • Restaurants
  • Industrial facilities
  • Gas stations
  • Retail stores
  • Offices
  • & More!

How Enviro-Master’s Floor Mat Program is Different

EMS provides the most reliable program at an affordable price. Our service is cheaper than other options and ensures your business always has the highest-quality floor mats.

Why Choose Enviro-Master?

EMS has a variety of commercial cleaning services that your business can trust. We show up to do our job and do it right the first time. The needs of our customers are the forefront of our business. For a reliable and consistent clean, choose Enviro-Master Services.

EMS’s Floor Mat Advantage is the Best Program for Your Business

Enviro-Master Services offers high-quality entrance floor mats, heavy-duty industrial floor mats, anti-fatigue mats, custom logo mats, and more. Our company understands how important it is to keep your facility clean and how difficult this can be, especially in work areas or areas with a lot of foot traffic. We provide a reliable rental service that can help your facility reduce maintenance costs and offer a clean environment for customers and employees on a regular basis.

Our floor mat rental service is affordable, simple, and stress-free with no extra or hidden charges to worry about. There’s no complex paperwork involved, and no inventory management is required. We charge weekly and replace floor mats as often as needed to ensure that businesses always have clean mats. Facility owners can choose the type of floor mat that best suits their business and expect consistent, great prices.

Types of Floor Mats Offered by EMS’s Floor Mat Program

  • Comfort mats: These cushioned indoor mats provide added comfort for employees and customers.
  • Floor mats: These indoor mats help reduce slip and fall accidents and can be used throughout the facility.
  • Scraper mats: These entry mats help trap dirt and debris, so it doesn’t spread around your facility or business.
  • Logo mats: A custom logo mat can be used for branding purposes.

Importance of Floor Mats for Fort Lauderdale Businesses

Floor matting is an important part of keeping businesses clean. Commercial entrance mats stop sand, dirt, and other debris from being tracked around restaurants, stores, and other businesses when customers or employees walk in and out. Having a floor mat in all high-traffic areas within industrial facilities and other types of commercial facilities can lower the risk of fall accidents. In addition to safety and cleanliness, door mats can also help boost branding efforts, improve a business’s image, and offer a more comfortable surface for employees.

Fort Lauderdale businesses use rental services for commercial floor mats, offering long-term benefits and consistently clean mats. However, typical cleaning companies lease floor mats and charge an upfront fee. Locking your business in with upfront costs lets companies raise prices over time and ultimately leads to poor customer service. For a dependable floor mat rental service without all the hassle and confusion, trust Enviro-Master Services of Fort Lauderdale.

Contact Us for Floor Mats in Fort Lauderdale

If you’re interested in learning more about renting floor mats for your facility in Fort Lauderdale, please contact Enviro-Master Services for a free consultation. Our customer service team is ready to answer your questions, provide more information, and help you determine which types of commercial floor mats you need for a clean and safe environment.

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