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Restroom Cleaning Service for Businesses in Fort Worth

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Enviro-Master Services is here for your restroom cleaning needs! If you’re tired of messy bathrooms and dealing with the cleaning process, our professional cleaners are here to help. As we’ve been in business since 2009, we have tons of experience in the cleaning industry. While restrooms are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, we give these areas the extra attention they deserve!

If you’re ready to experience increased health and safety at your business, including fewer illnesses, call Enviro-Master today for a reliable bathroom cleaning service!


How Does Our Restroom & Hygiene Service Work?

  • We first inspect each restroom to determine what the project needs most
  • Then we check air fresheners and soap dispensers and fill them as needed
  • Our team deep cleans toilets and urinals with high-quality scrubbers
  • We then clean sinks to remove spots and stains
  • Our staff checks and fills paper dispensers
  • We use our electrostatic sprayer to disinfect all areas of the restroom

What Types of Businesses Need a Bathroom Cleaning Service?

Our restroom cleaning service is perfect for a variety of commercial properties! Wherever there’s a bathroom, we can clean it! Our cleaning company frequently works with schools, hospitals, gyms, malls, and commercial offices.

Why Choose Enviro-Master Services

Enviro-Master has a deep cleaning service you can trust! We provide a thorough cleaning process at each building we clean, leaving it spotless and smelling great! Furthermore, our commercial cleaning team has several years of experience in the industry. We have advanced tools and processes for cleaning large areas quickly, and we won’t stop working until you’re completely satisfied! Keeping our customers happy is the top priority. 

What Our Customers Say

hank theriot

Kilean, from this company came here to my restaurant red lobster of Plano and helped us get situated for our big inspection and walkthrough with the higher ups and made sure of restaurant was to standard. So thankful we had there services! Afterward Jeff came by to double check everything thing went great and that’s feels good to have a company to have your back like them! Highly recommend

Harry Fogle

Jeff is an excellent sales representative. Very professional family man. Sells me exactly what I need, suggests only when asked. He also does great quality check, our custodial staff including Mirna & Kielyn are willing to drive the extra mile literally. I love the way our public bathrooms gleam after a good clean from Enviro-Master of DFW.

Every Business Needs Commercial Cleaning Services for Their Bathrooms

With millions of people living in the Fort Worth, TX, area, businesses are found all over. This includes high-traffic places like gyms, hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings. If you want to keep your customers and employees safe while also improving the look of your property, contact Enviro-Master for a professional restroom cleaning service. We’ll clean those high-touch surfaces, disinfect the whole bathroom, and leave it looking fantastic!

Dirty Restrooms Will Harm Your Business

If your customers notice a dirty or smelly restroom, this can be a huge red flag. In fact, this can cause them to never return to your business again. Furthermore, a dirty restroom can be a safety hazard. With illnesses going around, these areas are breeding grounds for germs and disease-causing viruses! To put up a strong defense against harmful pathogens, you need the professional cleaning service here at Enviro-Master.

The Best Commercial Cleaning Company in Texas and Beyond

When you choose us, you’re choosing a cleaning company with a thorough, in-depth cleaning process. We first check and fill soap dispensers, paper products, and air fresheners in your bathrooms. We then use a rugged cleaning solution to target stains and troubling spots in your toilets. Our team also uses an electrostatic spraying device to disinfect all areas of these restrooms. Additionally, we clean urinals, sinks, and countertops. We also offer a wide selection of other commercial cleaning services!

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If you’re ready for a clean bathroom that smells great, Enviro-Master is just a call away. Contact us today for a FREE quote on your next cleaning project in Fort Worth!

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