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Tile & Grout Cleaning Service in Fort Worth, TX

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The floors of commercial buildings sustain more wear and tear than anywhere else, as people are constantly trudging over them. For tile floors, the constant dirt, mud, water, and unmentionables on people’s shoes are especially problematic. Although tile is durable and lasts, it collects the flooring collects grime worse than almost all other types of flooring.

At Enviro-Master Services, we understand the need to regularly clean tile floors. Our tile and grout cleaning services are specifically developed to provide the regular cleaning and deep cleaning that this flooring type requires. We can help business owners in Fort Worth, Texas keep their floors clean and safe.


Importance of Clean Floors

Tile floors can look marvelous when they’re clean, but dirty floors greatly detract from a building’s appearance. Not only are they a safety risk, but unkept floors can also negatively impact clients and customer’s perception of the building’s cleanliness -- and the overall business

How Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Works:

  • Regular Tile Cleaning Service: Regular surface-level cleaning of the tile floor removes the dirt that’s most noticeable and builds up the quickest. The exact interval between tile cleanings depends on a client’s needs.
  • Deep Tile & Grout Cleaning Service: Deep cleaning of both tile and grout keeps the entire floor looking good and newer. This level of cleaning uses commercial cleaning methods that can remove most tile stains and cleans the grim that inevitably collects on the grout between tile squares. We usually perform a deep cleaning on an as-needed basis, which can change with the seasons.

Trust Our Cleaning Experts

At Enviro-Master, our team of professional cleaners has the expertise and the equipment to perform both types of tile cleaning properly. We can efficiently and effectively keep your tile looking good and newer, or get it looking much better for the first time.

What Our Customers Say

hank theriot

Kilean, from this company came here to my restaurant red lobster of Plano and helped us get situated for our big inspection and walkthrough with the higher ups and made sure of restaurant was to standard. So thankful we had there services! Afterward Jeff came by to double check everything thing went great and that’s feels good to have a company to have your back like them! Highly recommend

Harry Fogle

Jeff is an excellent sales representative. Very professional family man. Sells me exactly what I need, suggests only when asked. He also does great quality check, our custodial staff including Mirna & Kielyn are willing to drive the extra mile literally. I love the way our public bathrooms gleam after a good clean from Enviro-Master of DFW.

Our Extensive Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

Our tile and grout cleaning uses commercial-grade equipment and treatments to remove virtually all substances that collect on tile floors. Dirt, grease, and most other substances aren’t issues. In addition to maintaining the appearance of your tile flooring, this also removes odors that can develop as grease and other substances set in.Of course, the treatments we use are safe for people, safe for animals, and safe for your flooring. The agents used are non-toxic and non-corrosive.

Where Can You Use Our Tile Cleaning Service?

Whether you have tile flooring in an entryway, hallway, dining area, kitchen, restroom, or somewhere else, we can get the dirtiest and hardest-to-reach tile squares clean. Tile and grout cleaning is needed in a variety of commercial settings. It protects employees and customers in offices, retail environments, restaurants, gyms, warehouses, and more.

Experience the Benefits of Truly Clean Tile Flooring

To set up cleaning for your tile flooring, contact us at Enviro-Master of Fort Worth. One of our knowledgeable technicians can answer any questions you have about the tile and grout cleaning services we offer and create a custom plan for cleaning your tile floor.

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