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Keep Your Manufacturing Facility Clean & Disinfected with Enviro-Master Services

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Choose Enviro-Master of Greenville to keep your manufacturing facility clean because of our expertise in providing industrial-grade sanitation services tailored to your unique needs. Our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and advanced techniques ensure a hygienic and safe workspace, minimizing downtime and promoting productivity.

What We Do

Pressure Washing Service

Enhance the curb appeal, health, and safety of your business with our Re-Fresh commercial power washing service.


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Restore your commercial restrooms and protect them against common diseases and viruses.


Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Remove buildup on tile, between grout lines and other surfaces with our unique deep cleaning process.


Enviro-Master Services of Greenville

Enviro-Master Services is a national company with roughly one hundred franchise locations across the United States. We are a commercial cleaning company focusing on industrial plant cleaning services and manufacturing cleaning services.

Enviro-Master Services began in 1983 as Swisher Hygiene, and in 2009, it became what it is today. A distinguished veteran of the commercial hygiene business, Pat Swisher, founded Swisher International and then created Enviro-Master twenty-six years later.

Enviro-Master of Greenville provides factory cleaning services and manufacturing plant cleaning services to local Greenville businesses.

Benefits of a Commercial Cleaning Service

Customers who buy your goods must know that your factory followed top-notch sanitary procedures and safety requirements during production. Regular factory cleaning will help you meet this criterion and keep your consumers safe from possible faulty and unsanitary products.

1. Safeguard Your Equipment

Dust particles can potentially damage machine parts or prevent them from operating at total capacity. In addition, if dust becomes too hot, it might put your machines under unnecessary strain.

2. Increase Productivity

If your employees work in a clean and safe environment, their productivity will likely rise exponentially. Likewise, if you can provide a sanitary bathroom and work area, your employees will be notably happier and, thus, more productive.

3. Protect Employees Against Safety Hazards

A clean and safe workplace can protect employees against safety hazards. For example, an accidental fall due to dirty floors can cause a loss in revenue and production.

How can Enviro-Master Services Help?

Enviro-Master Services of Greenville offers a suite of solutions to help your business.

Restroom Cleaning

While often neglected, Enviro-Master provides a restroom cleaning service for your factory or industrial site. Your employees deserve a clean and sanitary space to use the restroom and wash their hands. Enviro-Master Services provides this, along with hand soap refills and a hand towel and toilet paper restocking service.

Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning

Your first thought may not include tile and grout cleaning, but did you know that grout attracts dust, grime, and grease? All of those things can contribute to unwanted falls, causing a loss of revenue. Enviro-Master Services provides tile and grout deep cleaning to keep your factory up and running.

Electrostatic Spraying

Enviro-Master Services’ weekly electrostatic spraying cleans and helps combat infections and hazardous viruses with a hospital-grade disinfectant. Our disinfectant can stop viruses from spreading by clinging to hard and soft surfaces for an extended period. In addition, our 360-degree coverage can reach spots where other cleaners can’t.

Drain Treatment

Industrial facilities require drain treatment to keep drains from overflowing. In food manufacturing facilities, drains are frequently ignored sources of contamination. As a result, foodborne infections can contaminate food products in your business.

We are here to help you with your industrial and manufacturing cleaning service needs. Please contact Enviro-Master Services of Greenville today! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Donna Quinn

I absolutely love Tiffany, she does an excellent service for us. She puts extra care into her work and it is greatly appreciated it!

Mariel Teigen

Alli always does tremendous work at our Enterprise Rent-a-Car location. We appreciate her service and would definitely recommend for business cleaning needs!

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