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Electrostatic Spraying for Indianapolis Businesses

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Indianapolis businesses face unique challenges, especially during colder months when respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19, become more prevalent. As these threats evolve, so must our approach to cleanliness. Enviro-Master of Indianapolis, IN, offers an innovative solution with its Electrostatic Spraying Service, designed to ensure the highest standard of hygiene for your business.


Electrostatic Spraying Service

  1. Advanced disinfection technology for thorough coverage
  2. Utilizes electrostatic sprayers to ensure comprehensive surface treatment
  3. Effectively combats harmful pathogens and provides long-lasting protection

How the Service Works

  1. Electrostatic sprayers apply a positive charge to the germicide
  2. Charged germicide adheres better to various surfaces
  3. 360-degree coverage reaches inaccessible areas for thorough disinfection

Why Choose Enviro-Master

  1. Expert technicians trained in effective disinfection methods
  2. Dependable service known for reliability and consistency
  3. State-of-the-art tools and equipment ensure the highest standard of service
  4. Friendly and professional technicians provide a positive experience

What Our Customers Say

Jamey Killingsworth

Ina is my Tech and she is always on time and does a great job for us.

Crystal Waters

I have used this company for over a year now for my restaurant. They fill my soap dispensers and sanitize all our bathrooms porcelains once per week and completely sanitize our restrooms quarterly. Its a great value for not having to worry about clean restrooms. Recently my Tech changed to a young lady named Hawwah, and she does a Fantastic job! Details focused and super friendly. Love this service!

Introducing the Electrostatic Sprayer Technology

Traditional cleaning methods often fall short, providing only surface-level sanitation. In contrast, Enviro-Master’s Electrostatic Spraying Service employs a hospital-grade disinfectant, uniquely formulated to adhere to surfaces longer and more effectively, ensuring a comprehensive clean that traditional methods cannot match.

This advanced technology utilizes electrostatic sprayers that impart a positive electrical charge to the disinfectant. As a result, the charged particles of the disinfectant are attracted to and cling to surfaces with a force stronger than gravity. This unique property allows the disinfectant to wrap around and coat all types of surfaces, even the ones that are typically hard to reach or are often overlooked by conventional cleaning methods.

Moreover, the electrostatic sprayer technology ensures a uniform application of the disinfectant, covering surfaces evenly and reducing the risk of overuse or insufficient application. This not only enhances the effectiveness of the disinfection process but also promotes a safer environment by minimizing the use of chemicals. With Enviro-Master’s Electrostatic Spraying Service, businesses in Indianapolis can ensure a higher level of cleanliness and hygiene, protecting their employees, customers, and reputation in the community. This innovative approach to cleaning is especially vital in the current health climate, where the safety and well-being of individuals are paramount.

Must-Have Features for Indianapolis Businesses

This service offers unparalleled 360-degree coverage, reaching areas that conventional cleaning cannot. The hospital-grade germicide used combats 99.999% of foodborne bacteria and other harmful pathogens. Enviro-Master also offers custom disinfecting plans, providing flexibility with weekly or as-needed service options to fit the specific needs of your Indianapolis business.

Why Choose Enviro-Master to Sanitize Your Business

Choosing Enviro-Master means more than just electrostatic spraying; it’s about partnering with a leader in comprehensive facility hygiene. We offer a full suite of sanitation services, including advanced bathroom hygiene, efficient paper management, and effective hand soap management, all delivered by a team of experts using state-of-the-art tools in a friendly and professional manner.


For businesses in Indianapolis looking to elevate their hygiene standards and safeguard against health risks, Enviro-Master is here to help. Contact us today to get a free quote and learn more about our services.

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