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An Essential for the Hygiene of Kansas City Businesses

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Enviro-Master provides support for all types of public and high-traffic facilities. Whether it’s a restaurant, bar, gym, office, library, health service, public agency or business, the EMS hand hygiene program is effective and easy to implement. Even better, your residents, tenants and traffic won’t notice any disruption and will likely adopt the new protections almost instantly, putting them to good use proactively. And that means less sickness, less infection, less contamination, and a much healthier environment for all involved in Kansas City and similar. Productivity goes up, people network in a far safer manner, and public health risks are reduced significantly. That’s the way it should be, we agree. Even just adding some soap dispensers or hand sanitizer dispensers will create an even better customer experience.

Our team can create a plane to ensure all your hand hygiene needs are met and exceeded. Whether you are in need of a foaming hand soap refills or hand sanitizer refills, our team will make sure you always have supplies. Give us a call or email, and our specialist team will help set up the right-hand hygiene program for you.

Hand Hygiene

Why Hand Hygiene is important

  • The CDC recommends regular handwashing and hand sanitizer use as some
  • Hand Hygiene is an important part of combating the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens
  • OSHA requires that employers provide handwashing facilities and businesses can receive fines and citations for not being in compliance
  • It is important that businesses always provide access to hand hygiene products for everyone’s safety

Why Enviro-Master?

  • Hand soap is provided FREE when the Hand Hygiene service is used in conjunction with the Restroom Hygiene service
  • Save time and money by letting the hygiene experts keep your soap and sanitizer dispensers full
  • Make sure your facility remains in compliance with OSHA and other regulatory bodies by staying fully stocked
  • Keep employees and customers safe by making sure they have access to hand hygiene products

What Our Customers Say

David Robinson

We’ve sure appreciated the level of expertise and intentionality this company has brought to our church over the past few months. They have allowed us to safely and kindly serve those who use our building. Would highly recommend!!

Rhonda Fox

The people here are wonderful! They provide a great service

Start Implementing High Quality Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer Dispenser into Your Facility or Business

A mainstay of the Midwest, Kansas City, MO is a capitol of jazz, barbecue and the old South. In addition to the fine dining, numerous museums, and a ton of nightlife locations as well, Kansas City is home to well over 486,000 residents as well as many more who just work and commute into the urban center during the weekday. No surprise then, it also makes for a cluster of socialization as well as a primary need for ongoing hand hygiene with so much traffic going through the town on any given day. Ignoring this risk would simply be making the same mistakes of high-density cities in 1800s when disease spread fast and made thousands sick on a regular basis.

Enviro-Master Services of Kansas City is a leading solution for hand sanitizer and hand soap dispensers. We offer high quality products and services to improve customers hand hygiene needs. Our team not only offers soap and sanitizer dispensers, but we also make sure to refill all customers dispensers when needed to ensure no one runs out of stock.

Good Hand Hygiene is a Must Today

On average, our hands have over 3,000 different bacteria types on them just from naturally occurring species to carriers picked up through contact. As a result, physical hand contact is one of the number one way that infection is spread for health problems if not airborne. However, if one were to do a survey, at least two out of three people would probably admit they don’t wash their hands on a regular basis daily. In fact, some don’t do it at all.

If your business or facility were to start including more hand soap and hand sanitizer dispensers to their building or bathrooms, not only will customers start using them more, but everyone will appreciate how accessible it is to clean their hands.

Protect your customers