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Why Choose Enviro-Master’s Paper Management Program?

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There is more to restroom maintenance than a quick swipe and swish. Our team does more than basic cleaning—though we do that, too. We make sure every surface not only looks clean but feels clean, too. We thoroughly remove or kill bacteria and other germs. We restock your commercial dispensers so they’re always ready to use, and we provide extra products for refills throughout the week.

Our services are so affordable that many customers save money. You won’t need to buy products in bulk. You won’t need to spend extra time and energy shopping and making storage room for these products. And you won’t spend unnecessary time restocking products and disinfecting toilet seats.

Enviro-Master provides efficient, affordable commercial restroom services so your guests and employees stay safe and protected.

Paper Management Program

Why Paper Management is important

  • Excessive paper waste, dwindling paper stocks, and faulty dispensers can cost you time and money.
  • When paper dispensers break it makes your restroom look unsightly and appear unkempt.
  • According to the CDC, it is critical for your business to have operating dispensers and proper supplies for your employees and customers to practice proper hand hygiene.
  • Having an unstocked bathroom is a poor reflection on your business

Why Enviro-Master?

  • We provide the proper items your staff and guests require. Including a wide variety of paper products, paper dispensers, and sterile wipes
  • We take care of refilling all of your paper dispensers and restocking your products so you don’t have to.
  • Our paper program is cost-effective by eliminating your excessive inventory, pilferage, and waste.
  • With one less trivial thing for you to worry about, you can keep your focus on your business.

What Our Customers Say

David Robinson

We’ve sure appreciated the level of expertise and intentionality this company has brought to our church over the past few months. They have allowed us to safely and kindly serve those who use our building. Would highly recommend!!

Rhonda Fox

The people here are wonderful! They provide a great service

Enviro-Master Services Offers Restroom Paper Restocking Services to Businesses in Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City is Missouri’s largest city, and we’ve got a little something for everyone here. Foodies appreciate our burnt ends and barbecue, beer enthusiasts love the local craft breweries, and nearly everyone enjoys a little Kansas City jazz.

From 18th and Vine to Country Club Plaza, Kansas City has a rich history and unique bond based on cultural heritage. There are plenty of reasons tourists make the journey to Missouri, and we’re proud to call Kansas City “home.”

Enviro-Master Services of Kansas City, MO

Enviro-Master provides restroom cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection services to commercial establishments throughout Kansas City, MO, and the surrounding areas. Using our electrostatic spray, we can kill up to 99 percent of germs and bacteria that cause COVID-19 and other infectious illnesses.

Whether you’re a large sporting arena or small office, we will work together to provide the services you need. Our goal is to keep your guests and employees safe, and we do everything we can to meet that goal.

Commercial Paper Restocking Service for Restrooms


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As part of our range of services, Enviro-Master is proud to offer our Paper Management Program. This service includes a subscription for toilet paper, paper towels, and other paper products so your restroom is always stocked and ready for the next guest.

Our Paper Management Program includes regular refills of your paper towel dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, and toilet seat cover dispensers. We will also refill your paper stock with extra supplies so you can restock dispensers as needed.

We provide this service for our customers because restrooms are often the busiest room of the building, but they’re sometimes overlooked. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations and forget to purchase much-needed paper supplies.

By providing a commercial toilet paper subscription service, Enviro-Master helps keep your restroom neat, tidy, and well-stocked.

Enviro-Master’s Restroom & Hygiene Service

Our Paper Management Service perfectly complements our most popular service: Restroom & Hygiene.

With this service, you’ll receive weekly visits to keep restrooms clean and sanitized. First, we’ll remove uric acid buildup and other substances from toilets, urinals, sinks, counters, and other surfaces. We’ll also restock each dispenser with supplies you have on-hand. Before we leave, we’ll use our electrostatic disinfectant spray throughout the room, ensuring we coat every surface for maximum protection from viruses and bacteria.

When you combine this service with our Paper Management Service, your restroom stays fresh, clean, and safe for guests to use whenever they need it.


See our New Dispensers in Action!


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