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Enviro-Master Services of Milwaukee Hand Hygiene Program

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Living in Milwaukee not only provides you with great views of Lake Michigan, it also has a plethora of breweries, hence our favorite baseball team, The Brewers. Of course, for the kiddos, there’s the Milwaukee County Zoo and tons of public parks sprinkled throughout the city. For adults with a wild side, catch a glimpse of Elvis Presley’s motorcycle at the Harley-Davidson Museum. The one thing all these places have in common is their desire for a clean, safe space for all Milwaukee residents and visitors to enjoy. That’s where Enviro-Master of Milwaukee comes in.

Hand Hygiene

Why Hand Hygiene is important

  • The CDC recommends regular handwashing and hand sanitizer use as some
  • Hand Hygiene is an important part of combating the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens
  • OSHA requires that employers provide handwashing facilities and businesses can receive fines and citations for not being in compliance
  • It is important that businesses always provide access to hand hygiene products for everyone’s safety

Why Enviro-Master?

  • Hand soap is provided FREE when the Hand Hygiene service is used in conjunction with the Restroom Hygiene service
  • Save time and money by letting the hygiene experts keep your soap and sanitizer dispensers full
  • Make sure your facility remains in compliance with OSHA and other regulatory bodies by staying fully stocked
  • Keep employees and customers safe by making sure they have access to hand hygiene products

What Our Customers Say

Shannon Vick

I’m very satisfied with the service provided. Great quality and always professional and on time. Highly recommended.

Leah Basten

Jose was wonderful!

Enviro-Master & Our Services

Enviro-Master is a commercial cleaning company that provides a wide range of cleaning services to businesses and commercial properties all throughout Milwaukee and its suburbs. We provide everything from tile & grout deep cleaning, to drain treatments, restroom cleaning, hand hygiene and paper products, and much more! We also call Milwaukee home, just like you, so we take pride in ensuring all the spaces we clean are up to our high standards. If it’s not clean enough for our own families, it’s not clean enough for yours!

Our Hand Hygiene Program

After the Coronavirus hit the United States in Spring 2020, many people started to realize just how important proper hand hygiene is. A good hand-washing routine is always your best first defense against viruses and bacteria, but when soap and water aren’t available, hand sanitizer will do the trick. We understand how important it is for everyone to do their part in preventing the spread of COVID-19, and other viruses, so we make sure all our clients are fully stocked with the appropriate soap and sanitizer as well as functioning dispensers. Together, we can overcome the spread and keep our loved ones safe. Let us help you set up a strong hand hygiene program with our quality hand soap dispensers, hand sanitizer dispensers and reliable refill service.

Who Benefits from Enviro-Master?

Any business or commercial space that sees an abundance of people and has several surfaces can benefit from Enviro-Master cleaning services. All the products we use are food-safe, so they’re great for kitchens and cafeterias, non-toxic, to be used in schools and daycares, and also hospital-grade, so they’re good enough for any healthcare facility. We also frequently clean public spaces such as gyms, bars, and office buildings. Large enterprise operations and government facilities are among some of our frequent clients. Regardless of the type of location, we put in our absolute best effort to ensure that every area is clean and safe for all who use it.

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From hand soap dispensers to hand sanitizer dispenser refills our team will take care of your hand sanitizer needs. We will use the best practices in our industry to ensure your business is spotless every time we leave. Give us a call today and enlist the help of our professionals!



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