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Re-Fresh Commercial Power Washing Service in Minneapolis, MN

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Pristine spaces are a priority in the land of 10,000 lakes. Local entrepreneurs pride themselves on providing exceptional services while also maintaining healthy, safe, and attractive premises.

There’s no discounting the power of strong curb appeal for any commercial property. This is a priority at Enviro-Master our Re-Fresh services help Minnesota businesses put their best foot forward.


Every Business Can Benefit From Power Washing

Our power washing service can be applied to a variety of businesses including shopping centers, gas stations, restaurants, warehouses, supermarkets, schools, car dealerships, and much more! Our team will provide a customized cleaning solution for your property.

How Does Our Re-Fresh Service Work?

We use the power of The Tank, our high-strength grime remover, to power wash hard surfaces and take your building back to when it was looking its best. Our equipment performs a heated treatment that sanitizes your property.

Why Choose Enviro-Master? 

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning practices
  • Maintain your business’s curb appeal 
  • Ensure a high-quality power-washing solution
  • Benefit from cost-effective cleaning services
  • Rely on local cleaning experts

What Our Customers Say

Corey is always polite! He does an excellent job and always makes our store look nice, including the bathrooms!! Smells good also!

Great service by Alvaro! Mike (owner) is also very accommodating. Quality work at a very reasonable price. Highly recommend!

Enviro-Master of Minnesota: Your Trusted Power Washing Solution

On the hunt for a trusted cleaning service that can make your Minnesota business shine? Look to our talented team of cleaning technicians. Enviro-Master of Minneapolis has a strong reputation in the community, and for good reason: our team is passionate about what we do and determined to make your commercial location live up to its full potential.

At Enviro-Master, our service extends to several cornerstones of the Minnesota small business communities. We’re pleased to produce the best results for local convenience stores, restaurants, gas stations, and more. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail, as well as our prompt and friendly customer service. They always trust that we’ll do an excellent job.

Benefits of Power Washing for Minnesota Businesses

Few cleaning regimens are as instantly transformative — or as impactful in the long term — as our Re-Fresh Commercial Power Washing Service. This approach uses high-temperature water to remove stubborn dirt and grease from a variety of surfaces. Customized solutions address specific types of buildup, rather than relying on a less effective, one-size-fits-all approach.

Take a brief glance in and around your commercial building, and you’ll no doubt spot several surfaces that could stand a deep clean. Power washing could be an excellent option not only for the grimiest indoor areas (such as bathrooms and kitchens), but also, for outdoor environments. From parking lots to sidewalks and even patios, you’ll quickly find that many concrete areas are prone to dirt and debris.

Our Re-Fresh Service promises to tackle the toughest sources of buildup throughout your business. No matter how terrible this looks at the moment, you can feel confident that our approach to power washing will make both interior and exterior surfaces shine. With regular maintenance from Enviro-Master, you can maintain consistently clean premises.

Environmentally Friendly Power Washing Service

Minnesota residents and entrepreneurs prioritize eco-friendly cleaning regimens. Locals understand that green practices will keep their communities looking pristine far into the future. Enviro-Master supports this mission by providing eco-friendly Re-Fresh services.

In an effort to limit waste and environmental degradation, we reclaim 90 percent of the water we spray. Our commercial cleaning products are safe for both our clients and the environment. For green cleaning, there’s no better resource than Enviro-Master in Minnesota.

Choose Enviro-Master for Minnesota Power Washing

Are you ready to level up your commercial sanitization efforts? Look to Minnesota’s Enviro-Master team for professional cleaning services. Our Re-Fresh program will have your business sparkling in no time.

Don’t let grimy premises or poor sanitization stand in the way of business success. From graffiti removal to everyday maintenance, we can tackle it all with our commercial pressure washing services. Reach out today to discuss your specific needs — or to request a free estimate.

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