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Re-Fresh Commercial Power Washing Service in Northern Virginia

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Wilfredo and Emanuel Corps

In Northern Virginia, you know that you have competition when it comes to getting your business to stand out. Offering a clean location can help customers understand that they can trust your business. Curb appeal is key when it comes to making your business rise above the rest and having a great-looking building is the edge that you need to help customers choose you over another business.

At Enviro-Master of Northern Virginia, our goal is to help business owners offer a clean, safe, and healthy property. Our Re-Fresh Power Washing Service is one of the most effective efforts to address both exterior and interior dirt, grime, and buildup. Does your commercial building need a Re-Fresh? We’re ready to help.


How Does Our Re-Fresh Power Washing Service Work?

We use the power of The Tank, our high-strength grime remover, to power wash hard surfaces and take your building back to when it was looking its best. The Tank can sanitize a variety of surfaces to provide a deep clean and disinfection throughout your business.

A Re-Fresh for A Variety of Businesses

Enviro-Master’s commercial power washing services can benefit a wide range of businesses including:
  • Shopping Centers
  • Gas Stations
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Supermarkets
  • Schools & Daycares
  • Car Dealerships
  • And much more…

Trust the Cleaning Professionals

With years of experience and trained technicians, our team provides highly effective cleaning solutions. We utilize innovative equipment to keep your business looking its best. Investing in cleaning experts will save your business time and money while keeping your employees safe and happy.

What Our Customers Say

Aaron Calvio

CJ was amazing, he was really detailed in his run through of our restaurant. Very kind person and professional as well. Would definitely recommend this service.

Qyshawn Bradshaw

My goodness! CJ is AWESOME. He shows up, gets the job done, and does it WELL. Great work from him every time!

Maintaining a Clean Business is Vital

In today’s post-COVID world, many customers are more discerning than in the past, and they’re more likely to keep a close eye on whether you keep your business clean. When you use our power washing services, you’re not just helping your building look great–you’re also showing customers that you care about going the extra mile to keep them safe.

 Enviro-Master’s Re-Fresh Power Washing Service for Virginia Businesses

At Enviro-Master Services, we’re dedicated to helping our clients get the cleaning services they need to create a great experience for their customers. Every building can benefit from a Re-Fresh. Gas stations and convenience stores especially benefit from power washing, as the dirt and grime from constant in-and-out traffic can build up quickly, making your once-shining storefront look dingy. Restaurants also rely on power washing services, as the dirt and grime that can build up on both the inside and the outside of the restaurant cannot simply be scrubbed away. Our years of experience and trained professionals provide our clients with the knowledge that their buildings will be cleaned to the highest standards.

The Benefits of Our Re-Fresh Service

Power washing isn’t just about making your building look sparkling clean–it’s also about sanitizing your surfaces to keep your customers and your employees safe. We use high-temperature water to blast away germs and oils. Our power washing services are available for both your indoor and outdoor areas. Many restaurants and gas stations don’t just use our services on their parking lots–they also use power washing services in other outdoor areas, including dumpsters, patios, and sidewalks. When your customers see that you’re willing to put in the extra effort that it takes to keep your business clean, they’ll know that they can trust what you have to offer.

Invest in an Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solution

We’re proud to put the environment first when it comes to our business. Many power washing businesses waste the water they use throughout the process. We reclaim 90% of the water that we use. This doesn’t just mean that we’re doing our part to protect the environment–it also means that we’re stopping oils, fats, and grease from hitting your drains.

Contact EMS of Northern Virginia to Learn More About Our Re-Fresh Service

We know that your business is unique, and so are your professional cleaning service needs. Whether you’re looking for cleaning services for your parking lots, parking garage, restaurant, convenience store, or other commercial space, we’re here to help. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that keeps your business clean, one power wash at a time. Reach out to us today for a free consultation or estimate.

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