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Power Washing Services for Businesses in Palm Beach, FL

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The barrier island of Palm Beach, along the Atlantic Ocean in Southeast Florida, is known for its class and graceful elegance. The homes and businesses here are large, but not showy, many with histories and reputations that span generations. Good curb appeal is more than just a nice thing to have in this area; it’s essential.

Keeping your business looking sharp from the exterior is essential to attracting customers. Good curb appeal means tending to every corner of your business. Windows, landscaping, doors, parking lots, sidewalks, and dumpster pads are a few of the many considerations.

Luckily, Enviro-Master of Palm Beach is here to help. Our Re-fresh Power Wash Treatment is the cost-effective cleaning solution you’ve been looking for.


How our Re-Fresh Power Washing Service Works

Enviro-Master Palm Beach makes it easy and stress-free for you to keep your building's exterior space looking great. EMS stands out as a commercial cleaning company because of our commitment to quality work and quality customer service. Each Re-fresh Service includes degreasing, power washing, enzymatic cleaner, and the reduction of harmful diseases and bacteria due to the sanitization element the high temperature water provides.

We differ from other companies in the way we dispose of the water used after the service is complete. Our team uses an environmentally friendly method to reclaim 90% of the water used during the duration of your Re-Fresh service. This helps you by not only preventing clogs in your commercial drains, but also by preventing harmful oils, fats, and grease, from spreading outside of your business.

Where your Business Can Use Our Commercial Power Washing Service

  • Parking Garages
  • Concrete Areas, Entryways, & Sidewalks
  • Dumpster Pads
  • Pool Areas
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Patios

What Our Customers Say

Amy Becerra

Great products and service! Thank you!

Why you Need a Commercial Power Washing Service

A vital part of attracting new customers and retaining current customers is maintaining your facility’s exterior, ensuring your curb appeal is drawing people into your establishment. One thing that can quickly turn people away from your business is if it has a grimy exterior. Further, having a business with an unkept exterior can leave customers, both potential and current, questioning the hygiene practices that take place inside your establishment.

One place that is easy to ignore is your business’s dumpster area. Your dumpster can become a significant source of bad smell while also being a huge eyesore. Not only that, but without proper cleaning and care, your business’ dumpster area can turn into a hygiene and safety risk. Dumpster buildup and runoff can attract all sorts of pests, becoming a breeding ground for disease. Runoff and leaks can also cause a serious slip and fall hazard for your employees.

Opting and investing in regular cleaning and disinfecting of your dumpster, parking lot, and general exterior areas are the easy solution to all the issues above. With our personalized, scheduled dumpster cleaning treatments, your dumpster and surrounding area will look refreshed.

How Enviro-Master’s Exterior Cleaning Services Can Help Improve your Business’ Curb Appeal

We know that keeping your business’ outdoor surfaces and dumpster area is not an easy task, especially without the right equipment. Enviro-Masters Re-fresh Power Washing Treatment is a comprehensive pressure washing and dumpster pad cleaning service that prevents dangerous and unsanitary build-up that can negatively affect your business.

Our Health & Safety Technicians have the high-tech equipment and expertise needed to get your facility looking its best from the outside in. We are committed to helping local restaurants, gas stations, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, and more prevent issues with bugs, pests, smells, bacteria, and any other health and safety hazards.

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Let us give your commercial property a thorough cleaning that reflects the high value of your business’s goods and/or services. Contact a skilled and knowledgeable representative of EMS today to learn more about what our commercial cleaning services can do for your facility, your curb appeal, and your bottom line. We offer free quotes and consultations to address your dirty dumpster, your stained sidewalk, and any other commercial cleaning concerns you may have.

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