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Ontario, Canada, has been a historical gem as well as a continuing prime tourist location and industry center for the nation. For millions, it is also home, a career source and where their heritage is rooted. So, how would folks be likely to respond if someone came along and said a preventable risk could take everything away from folks, including Ontario’s cultural richness, businesses, walking and hiking treasures and more? Most folks would vociferously respond no and heck no. However, that’s exactly what can happen with a public health risk. And when it can be spread by contact, the risk becomes exponentially bigger as well.

Contact-spread illness is secondary to aerosolized health risks like the annual flu virus or whooping cough, but it can be just as damaging to a community and business industry when people start getting sick. When that happens and those infected start to spread illness to each other, entire neighborhoods and communities can be affected in a very short amount of time. Anyone working in a cubicle-designed office already knows this; every winter season the colds and coughs go right down the line from one desk to the next in a matter of days and weeks. However, it’s common places like the restrooms, entrances and exits where the risk spreads.

Hand Hygiene Program

Why Hand Hygiene is important

  • The CDC recommends regular handwashing and hand sanitizer use as some
  • Hand Hygiene is an important part of combating the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens
  • OSHA requires that employers provide handwashing facilities and businesses can receive fines and citations for not being in compliance
  • It is important that businesses always provide access to hand hygiene products for everyone’s safety

Why Enviro-Master?

  • Hand soap is provided FREE when the Hand Hygiene service is used in conjunction with the Restroom Hygiene service
  • Save time and money by letting the hygiene experts keep your soap and sanitizer dispensers full
  • Make sure your facility remains in compliance with OSHA and other regulatory bodies by staying fully stocked
  • Keep employees and customers safe by making sure they have access to hand hygiene products

What Our Customers Say

Danielle Scott

They do an incredible job at sanitizing our restrooms at The Keg. Always professional. They respond immediately to any feedback. Definitely recommend to any business!!

Nicoletta C

Have dealt with Enviro Master for a couple of years now. They are very attentive to our establishment. I have only had great interactions with this company. Adeel has personally come out to our location to make sure our location is up to standard and personally checks in frequently. I use to use another company and had terrible results. I will continue to use Enviro Master to Maintain our establishment. Keep up the great Job 👏

Hand Hygiene Clean Services Make a Huge Difference

The number one way to break the transmission of illness and contact-transferred health risks is through hand hygiene clean services, like those provided by Enviro-Master Services in Ontario. The ability to break the contact risk chain of event exposures involves a thorough cleaning that goes much farther than a periodic wipe down or floor mopping. Instead, it is the intentional and systematic application of anti-viral and anti-bacterial chemical treatments that not only kill the risk on application but also prevent immediate future return of the risk as well. By reducing the exposure potential, the transfer probability goes way down. That in turn breaks the transmission cycle from person to person.

Look to the Source

Hand hygiene services as well as breaking contact connections is not new rocket science. The original community transfer was realized by John Snow and the transfer of cholera in 1849 London with a communal public water source. Whether by contact or drinking contaminated water, entire neighborhoods were being decimated by cholera during a time well before modern medicine and over-the-counter cures, and worse, it was all preventable even then! Simple hygiene broke the illness transfer in 1800s London and its rate of cholera infection dramatically.

Apply History’s Lessons Today

Just like London in the 1800s, the same approach goes for business and commercial properties with traffic. They become incubators of contact risk without regular and powerful cleaning. Enviro-Master Services hand hygiene cleaning services are designed to specifically eliminate this risk. That means less sick time for employees, less risk for customers, and less public health risk for everyone together. When you want your Ontario facility to be the leader instead of the source of health problems, it’s time to call Enviro-Master Services in Ontario.

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