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Keeping things clean and staying safe is more important than ever. Enviro-master can help with getting the public places in your business up to a high cleaning standard, and help you relax and enjoy the community. Reach out to Enviro-Master today and ask about our bathroom cleaning service, electrostatic spraying service, and other commercial cleaning service we offer!

Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning

Why is tile and grout cleaning important

  • Bacteria, germs, and disease cling to tile and porous grout
  • Fights the spread of harmful bacteria such as E. Coli, salmonella, staphylococcus
  • Safer floors: clean, dry floors mean reduced slip-and-fall accidents
  • Regular mopping doesn't cut it: regular cleaning can remove dirt but not germs

Where should you use this service

  • Restrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Stairwells
  • Locker Rooms and Gyms
  • Spill Locations
  • Lobbies and Entryways

Why Enviro-Master?

  • Enviro-Master goes the extra mile
  • All technicians wear the appropriate PPE
  • We get all the hard to reach areas cracks, crevices, and behind equipment
  • We use the industry's best in class automatic grout brushes and orbital scrub machines
  • All walls, fixtures, floors are washed and rinsed with hi-pressure spray
  • All water is vacuumed up for instant drying
  • The area is sprayed with an EPA registered electrostatic disinfection system to kill all germs
  • The job isn't done until the customer reviews the service

What Our Customers Say

Dominick Urrutia

Enviro-Master is a wonderful company. They are the best at keeping my restaurant clean and sanitized. Respond to all the constantly changing circumstances and needs of the business, effective and efficient! Chris has been a great pleasure to work with on product services! I would recommend this company for any business looking to have a effective job done. Thank you Enviro-Master Services team!


We heard about Enviro-Master of Portland from local businesses that highly recommended them. We decided to give them a try and were very happy with how fresh they kept our business! They were also very professional and I felt like I was in great hands. Joey handled our businesses with great care and we recommend him to take care of you!

Enviro-Master of Portland, OR Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Portlanders may embrace the gray skies, but it doesn’t mean that we want gray scum in the tiles of our kitchens and bathrooms. We value a clean environment, and it shows in our neighborhoods, and even in our transportation system. This means we need to be on the same page about our regular cleaning and know when it is time to hire a grout cleaning service.

Professional Commercial Tile Cleaning Service Goes Beyond Daily Cleaning

In Portland, a lot of people have pets, and many choose tile flooring because it is thought to be easier to clean, except that porous material between the tiles can be pretty problematic. At Enviro-Master of Portland we challenge anything that you may have believed was a permanent stain. Our grout cleaning process goes deep, and we restore the original color of your tile and remove stains with our high-pressure rinse.

It probably wouldn’t surprise you that scientists have found thousands of different species of bacteria in public bathrooms, but did you know that scientists have studied the “geography” of restroom surfaces to find out what kinds of bacteria go where? Check out some of the findings of a study done by scientists at the University of Colorado. Viruses in men’s urinals can splash up. Scientists have found that virus particles at the base of a urinal can travel nearly a meter (about 3 feet) upward in droplets from the urine stream. But more than half of virus particles in urine travel outward to the restroom floor. Use Enviro-Master’s bathroom cleaning services to combat these germs!

While regular mopping certainly helps maintain tile, it doesn’t go far enough, especially if you are a business that has a lot of foot traffic from the city. There can be more than 400,000 types of bacteria living on shoes. My using Enviro-master’s cleaning service you can directly prevent problems like staphylococcus, salmonella, and E. Coli from taking over your kitchens and bathrooms, and possibly you whole location. It is expected that people are going to leave dirt, grease, and various grime behind. We look closely at the type of tile you have and take care of any sensitive materials.

A Thorough Process You and Your Customers Will Appreciate

When you hire Enviro-master for bathroom and kitchen cleaning in your restaurant or business, we go beyond just cleaning the tile. We embrace cleaning the whole room. We have a very thorough process to make sure everything gets cleaned to our high standards and yours. We start by wearing personal protective equipment, pick up all trash from floors and remove trash receptacles and things like plungers from the area. We spray all tile with water and apply the special products we use to clean the floor. Clean microfiber towels are used to dust areas all over the room, including partitions, doors, door jamb areas. Walls, vents, dispensers, and even picture frames can collect dust and grime. We use a grout brush and orbital to scrub the floor paying special attention to problem areas like corners and behind the toilet. We rinse all walls and vacuum up all the dirty water from the floor, We then wipe everything down again with a clean microfiber towel, before double-checking our work. We then use our electrostatic disinfection service to spray the restroom with Sani-guard and put the trash and other receptacles back where they were. Business owners or managers are free to double check our work before signing the invoice.



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