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Our Electrostatic Spraying Service Kills Pathogens that can Make Your Employees and Customers Sick

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We use a special electrostatic spraying service to kill all germs on contact, including deadly viruses such as the virus that causes COVID-19. Our technicians use a special sprayer with a germicide that positively charges the spray, so it adheres better to surfaces. The germicide continues to kill bacteria long after it is applied to ensure a safer and cleaner restroom.

Our germicide is non-toxic and safe enough for hospitals and food preparation areas, so you never have to worry about someone becoming sick from it. Because our bathroom cleaning services are weekly, you can be assured that the germicide is fresh.

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Restroom & Hygiene Service

Any business restroom environment, including:

  • Gyms
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Stadiums
  • Grocery Stores
  • Industrial Facilities

Steps in the Service:

  • Replace air freshener
  • Clean all toilets and urinals and sinks
  • Replace all urinal screens
  • Refill all paper towels and toilet paper
  • Stock enough paper to last until the next service
  • Service and refill all soap and hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Electrostatic spray all surfaces

Why Enviro-Master:

  • Best price in the market
  • Best service level in the market
  • Soap is FREE with the service
  • This service saves you time and money
  • This service keeps employees and customers SAFE

What Our Customers Say

Milla YOOZ

If you really want a high quality and fair value service, you should contact them. The big difference is the quality and service. Super recommend!

Jackie Groat

Awesome people. Super clean bathrooms now that they are taking care of our business!

Enviro-Master Services Offers Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Services to Businesses in Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada is a terrific place for businesses given the casinos and the overall tourism trade. It’s hard to imagine a more bustling place at night. Which is why, if you own a business here, the last thing you want to think about is how to keep your restrooms clean and sanitized.

At Enviro-Master Services, we offer bathroom cleaning services in Reno, NV.  Whether you’re a small business or a big casino, we can handle the toughest restroom cleaning anywhere. We clean and sanitize bathrooms with our restroom cleaning services making them a much healthier environment for your employees and customers.

About Enviro-Master Services

Enviro-Master Services is the premier professional commercial cleaning services in Reno, NV. Your business is important to you, which is why it’s important to prevent your employees from getting sick. Our commercial cleaning services in Reno eliminate germs that can amount to employee sick days and lost revenue.

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Restroom and Hygiene Service
  • Paper Management Program
  • Hand Hygiene Program
  • Electrostatic Spraying Service
  • COVID-19 Cleaning Service
  • Drain Treatment Services
  • Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning Service

We know that even with vaccinations, the virus that causes COVID-19 and other pathogens lurk in large crowds, so it is important that your business stay clean and sanitized to protect you and your employees.

Why You Need Our Bathroom Cleaning Services

Public restrooms are notorious vectors when it comes to spreading disease. Thousands of viruses and bacteria thrive on bathroom surfaces, and more are sprayed into the air with air hand dryers and flushing toilets. These germs collect on surfaces, waiting to infect your employees and customers.

These germs can also make your bathrooms smell unpleasant as they feed on the organic material in sinks, toilets, and urinals. This may cause your customers to leave with an unfavorable impression of your establishment if your restrooms are smelly and unsightly.

Our Restroom Cleaning Services are Top Notch

Our hand-picked, trained technicians not only clean your bathrooms, but also sanitize them with our electrostatic spraying service. We use our bathroom cleaning checklist at each of our client’s restrooms to ensure that they are properly maintained on a weekly basis.

We use the following checklist to be sure your bathrooms are clean and sanitized:

  • Check each air freshener and soap dispenser, and refill as needed.
  • Clean toilets, sinks, and urinals.
  • Restock all paper to be sure that there are no empty dispensers anywhere and manage all inventory.
  • Wipe down surfaces.
  • Pick up trash.
  • Replace dispensers as needed
  • Use the electrostatic sprayer to coat all surfaces.

Protect your customers