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From hand soap dispensers to hand sanitizer dispenser refills our team will take care of your hand sanitizer needs. We will use the best practices in our industry to ensure your business is spotless every time we leave. Give us a call today and enlist the help of our professionals!

Hand Hygiene

Why Hand Hygiene is important

  • The CDC recommends regular handwashing and hand sanitizer use as some
  • Hand Hygiene is an important part of combating the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens
  • OSHA requires that employers provide handwashing facilities and businesses can receive fines and citations for not being in compliance
  • It is important that businesses always provide access to hand hygiene products for everyone’s safety

Why Enviro-Master?

  • Hand soap is provided FREE when the Hand Hygiene service is used in conjunction with the Restroom Hygiene service
  • Save time and money by letting the hygiene experts keep your soap and sanitizer dispensers full
  • Make sure your facility remains in compliance with OSHA and other regulatory bodies by staying fully stocked
  • Keep employees and customers safe by making sure they have access to hand hygiene products

What Our Customers Say

Milla YOOZ

If you really want a high quality and fair value service, you should contact them. The big difference is the quality and service. Super recommend!

Jackie Groat

Awesome people. Super clean bathrooms now that they are taking care of our business!

Enviro-Master Services of Reno Hand Hygiene Program

Whether you operate a bustling casino or serve as property manager for Tesla or an Amazon facility, you are always thinking about the health and welfare of your employees and customers. The residents of Reno, NV enjoy a life filled with opportunities, whether you are heading down to Lake Tahoe or joining the shakers and movers in a downtown high-rise. But disease and bacteria respect no boundaries wherever you may work and live, which is why enabling others to use good hand hygiene is always worth your money and time.

Enviro-Master Services Caring for the Health and Safety of Your Staff and Clients

Enviro-Master Services of Reno is committed to providing the finishing touches to your routine cleaning procedures. We work with local Reno businesses to eradicate invasive odors and germs from their offices, food preparation areas, and public spaces. From drain cleaning to weekly sanitizing spray, our staff get into the hidden corners of your property that can harbor germs and COVID-19. When you work with us, you and your employees can feel safer and stay healthier at your workplace. Let us help you set up a strong hand hygiene program with our quality hand soap dispensers, hand sanitizer dispensers and reliable refill service.

Enroll in Our Weekly Hand Hygiene Program

Support your staff by placing full hand sanitizer stations throughout your facility. The Hand Hygiene Program at Enviro-Master ensures that those stations are always full and functioning. After we are done with your weekly sanitizing spray service, we check every hand sanitizer, fill it up, and leave a refill if it is likely to run out before we return. You never have to hunt down a bottle of no-name sanitizer and pay a surprising amount for the bother. Both your guests and workers will know they can always have clean and sanitized hands during their shift.

Our Hand Hygiene Program Includes:

  • Hand Sanitizing Station–wall-mounted, countertop, or standalone
  • Weekly Service
  • Sanitizer Refills
  • Hand sanitizer products that are tested effective in reducing bacteria and viruses on skin when used properly

Proper Placement of Hand Sanitizer Stations Encourages Consistent Use

Before we set up your sanitizer stations, we will conduct a survey of your business to determine where people will need the stations the most. We focus on entry and exit points, restrooms, food preparation areas, and conference rooms. You can also have them placed in high-traffic areas near elevators and stairways where railings and buttons create shared touchpoints. We recommend positioning them anywhere that a person will stop and think that now is a good time for another dollop of sanitizer.

Protect your customers