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Our commercial cleaning and hygiene experts are available for a deep cleaning consultation at your business. Whether you need full-scale commercial cleaning services or standalone paper management and hand hygiene services, we’re ready to help you out. In addition, our health and safety staff receive advanced training in using environmentally friendly products to clean and shine every inch of your building.

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Paper Management Program

Why Paper Management is important

  • Excessive paper waste, dwindling paper stocks, and faulty dispensers can cost you time and money.
  • When paper dispensers break it makes your restroom look unsightly and appear unkempt.
  • According to the CDC, it is critical for your business to have operating dispensers and proper supplies for your employees and customers to practice proper hand hygiene.
  • Having an unstocked bathroom is a poor reflection on your business

Why Enviro-Master?

  • We provide the proper items your staff and guests require. Including a wide variety of paper products, paper dispensers, and sterile wipes
  • We take care of refilling all of your paper dispensers and restocking your products so you don’t have to.
  • Our paper program is cost-effective by eliminating your excessive inventory, pilferage, and waste.
  • With one less trivial thing for you to worry about, you can keep your focus on your business.

What Our Customers Say

Milla YOOZ

If you really want a high quality and fair value service, you should contact them. The big difference is the quality and service. Super recommend!

Jackie Groat

Awesome people. Super clean bathrooms now that they are taking care of our business!

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Enviro-Master Services Offers Restroom Paper Restocking Services to Business in Reno & Lake Tahoe

Enviro-Master Services provides commercial cleaning services to Reno and Lake Tahoe businesses. From buildup on tiles to grimy grout lines to germy surfaces, we have environmentally safe products that keep public buildings and retail spaces cleaner for guests and employees. For example, the company’s hygiene specialists restore commercial restrooms to pristine condition. Also, our drain cleaning services cut through grease to keep wastewater from backing up.

Paper Management Program

Enviro-Master’s paper management services include a commercial toilet paper subscription service. In addition, we check and rotate your stock so that you never run out of toilet paper or paper towels.

With automatic paper towel dispenser refills, you’ll never run out of essential hygiene products. We even provide a range of replacement dispensers for hand sanitizer, soap, toilet paper and paper towels. In addition, our dispensers provide low-maintenance service and affordable facility maintenance enhancements.

Many Reno and Lake Tahoe businesses subscribe to the paper management program as a standalone service or supplement our restroom cleaning services. With these services, building owners don’t have to worry about maintaining essential products that help stop the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Add Paper Management to Restroom and Hygiene Services

You can add the paper management program to your existing hygiene or restroom services. Commercial toilet paper delivery service makes life easier for busy facility managers and business owners striving to operate their restaurants, stores, corporations, and other organizations. Your restaurant may look clean but still harbor billions of germs on faucets, toilet handles and even underfoot.

Enviro-Master enhances your in-house janitorial service with advanced restroom cleaning services and products. We are happy to customize your contract to include cleaning the entire building or working with your custodians for improved restroom sanitation.

Enviro-Master provides commercial paper restocking service for restrooms, break rooms, and other building areas, as needed. Our technicians check all paper dispensers to ensure that you have the products needed for cleanliness and convenience. We also refill stock and rotate older products for first use.


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