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Why Call Enviro-Master Services of Sacramento for Your Tile and Grout Cleaning Service?

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A simple once-over from employees who are paid by the hour will rarely do the trick. You need deep down cleaning for your tile and grout. Contact Enviro-Master Services of Sacramento today and ask about our bathroom cleaning service, electrostatic disinfection service, and other commercial cleaning services we offer!

Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning

Why is tile and grout cleaning important

  • Bacteria, germs, and disease cling to tile and porous grout
  • Fights the spread of harmful bacteria such as E. Coli, salmonella, staphylococcus
  • Safer floors: clean, dry floors mean reduced slip-and-fall accidents
  • Regular mopping doesn't cut it: regular cleaning can remove dirt but not germs

Where should you use this service

  • Restrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Stairwells
  • Locker Rooms and Gyms
  • Spill Locations
  • Lobbies and Entryways

Why Enviro-Master?

  • Enviro-Master goes the extra mile
  • All technicians wear the appropriate PPE
  • We get all the hard to reach areas cracks, crevices, and behind equipment
  • We use the industry's best in class automatic grout brushes and orbital scrub machines
  • All walls, fixtures, floors are washed and rinsed with hi-pressure spray
  • All water is vacuumed up for instant drying
  • The area is sprayed with an EPA registered electrostatic disinfection system to kill all germs
  • The job isn't done until the customer reviews the service

What Our Customers Say

Dawn Minton

Pinder from Enviromaster Sacramento does our weekly virus vaporizer service at Folsom Lake Ford... She is super friendly and always makes me smile. I love having the confidence that comes with her service! She is amazing!

Grass Valley Grocery Outlet

We highly recommend Environmaster for any business that is looking to improve their cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization services. Pinder and Alex have been extremely helpful and we look forward to continuing this partnership for years to come.

Enviro-Master Services Sacramento Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

As one of America’s most diverse cities, it comes as no surprise to area businesses that Sacramento residents demand the best in a wide range of industries and businesses. This includes clean tile and grout among other things. Enviro-Master Services of Sacramento understands these demands and offers our outstanding tile and grout cleaning services to help businesses stay on task and on target.

Benefits of Enviro-Master Services Tile Cleaning Service

Businesses throughout Sacramento understand the value of clean. People don’t want to frequent businesses that appear dirty or unkempt. Unfortunately, your normal staff has other functions to perform and may not be as attentive as you would like when it comes to things like cleaning. Especially items that require deep cleaning, like your tile and grout.

It probably wouldn’t surprise you that scientists have found thousands of different species of bacteria in public bathrooms, but did you know that scientists have studied the “geography” of restroom surfaces to find out what kinds of bacteria go where? Check out some of the findings of a study done by scientists at the University of Colorado. Viruses in men’s urinals can splash up. Scientists have found that virus particles at the base of a urinal can travel nearly a meter (about 3 feet) upward in droplets from the urine stream. But more than half of virus particles in urine travel outward to the restroom floor. Use Enviro-Master’s bathroom cleaning services to combat these germs!

Unfortunately, tile and grout are where various germs, viruses, and other pathogens often lurk. We have a fool-proof system that is designed to deliver better cleaning results for you. This includes eliminating up to 99 percent of bacteria from your tile and grout. We do not simply clean the surfaces; we sanitize them so that your business is safer for your employees and customers alike.

Places You’ll Want to Use Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Floors aren’t the only places that require tile and grout cleaning. In fact, professional tile and grout cleaning are highly beneficial in a wide range of applications and places, including stairwells, kitchens, restrooms, lockers, gyms, and more. Our services also address weather-specific cleaning needs such as mud removal, salt removal, and floor drying for added safety in your workspace. Clean floors make better impressions on potential customers and potential staff for your business.

Our Process for Cleaning Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Whether your primary concern is germ elimination, or you simply want your business to be super-clean and ready for whatever comes your way in the average day, our rigorous standards for cleaning tile and grout will help you get the results you desire time and time again.

Not only do we act to clean and protect your floors, but we also take steps to protect your other items from getting wet when we spray your floors down with water and our specialized chemical treatments for tile and grout.

While we pay plenty of attention to the tile and grout in your business, we also devote our cleaning attention to other items, such as partition tops, the tops of fixtures, vents, door jambs, etc. After the product we use have had time to do their work, our professionals go to work scrubbing the grout, even in corners and around toilets so that no spot is left untouched. Afterward, we rinse with high-pressure water and then vacuum up any dirty water remaining on the floor. To finish up we use our electrostatic disinfection service to spray down all surfaces.


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