Hand Hygiene Program

Hand Hygiene Program

According to research by the University of Colorado, we each carry up to 3,200 bacteria from 150 different species on our hands at any given time. According to the CDC, hands are the most common carriers for dangerous pathogens, which means anyone who enters your facility is potentially bringing in thousands of germs. Additionally, almost 70% of people don’t know how to wash their hands properly.

But there’s no need to consider everyone who enters your facility a threat to your business. Proper hygiene and handwashing are proven to reduce the spread of disease
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Hand Hygiene

How does our Hand Hygiene Program work?

In addition to our protection and sanitation services, Enviro-Master’s hand hygiene program can help you further protect your staff and customers from dangerous pathogens. Our Health and Safety Technicians will refill hand sanitizer and maintain your equipment weekly. Commercial hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the office space to make sure our hygiene service can be easily accessible.

Who should use a Hand Hygiene Program?

While we provide our services to a plethora of different industries, we recommend our Hand Hygiene Program to enterprise operations, restaurants, bars, gyms, office buildings, healthcare facilities, government facilities, and schools or other places where an abundance of human contact and commonly shared surfaces are present. With the desire to keep businesses open and running, it is more important than ever to implement covid sanitation services. Starting with hygiene service.

The benefits of a Hand Hygiene Program

We don’t just give you a product. We offer a complete service for maintaining your facility’s hand sanitizing solution. Included in our hygiene service, we provide commercial hand sanitizer stations. The benefits of a comprehensive hand hygiene program are listed below:
  • Prevent the spread of sickness and disease
  • Lower the number of callouts due to illness
  • Provide a way for your staff and customers to quickly clean their hands
  • Promote good hygiene and personal health

Products We Use for Hand Hygiene Services

Enviro-Master is happy to provide businesses across a wide variety of industries with the hand sanitization products needed to promote healthy hand hygiene at their facilities. From hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer dispensers to sanitizer refills and other hand sanitation products, we work directly with our customers to make sure that all of their hand hygiene needs are taken care of.
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Enviro-Master Services

There are many commercial cleaning services in Seattle that we offer to keep businesses clean and hygienic. We do tile and grout deep cleaning, drain treatments, electrostatic spraying, paper management, restroom and hygiene services and we have a hand hygiene program. You may need several of our services to keep your premises clean and disinfected.

Our Hand Hygiene Program

The hands can carry enormous amounts of bacteria. People typically have about 3,200 bacteria on their hands from 150 different species. This is bacteria that will then contaminate everything that is touched. When people enter your establishment, they will bring their bacteria with them. They will then contaminate surfaces as well as picking up new bacteria from surfaces. Studies have shown that almost 70% of people do not know how to clean their hands effectively. With the pandemic making people so focused on the cleanliness of their hands, it's important for businesses to have our hand hygiene program to help people disinfect their hands. Proper handwashing has been shown to reduce the spread of germs and disease.

With our hand hygiene service, we can help you to protect both your employees and your customers from dangerous germs. In this program, health and Safety Technicians who have been well-trained for cleanliness and commercial hygiene, will come out and refill all your commercial hand sanitizer stations every week as well as doing maintenance on your sanitizer equipment. This means that your staff and customers won't find the sanitizer to be out or the equipment not working. It keeps the sanitizer flowing so that everyone feels safer.

When you have the hand hygiene program in place, you can lower the number of times your workers have to call out because of an illness. You will also promote good hygiene among everyone who enters the premises. And you can prevent diseases from being shared on the main touchpoints in a room.

Places to Use the Hand Hygiene Services

There is nowhere that can't be improved by a hand hygiene station. This program is perfect for places where people regularly flow into the premises. This includes schools, gyms, restaurants and bars, healthcare providers, office buildings, retail locations, government facilities, childcare centers, and every commercial bathroom. All these places get heavy traffic, and all of them can benefit from this program. Even if the facility is only used by employees, it's a good idea to have this program in place to keep those workers healthier.

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If you want your business to be cleaner and more hygienic, and you want to slow the spread of disease, your business needs our hand hygiene program. Contact us today to get your consultation and learn more about this effective program.
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