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Restroom Cleaning Services in Tulsa

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Enviro-Master Services of Tulsa, OK only hires background checked team members who are fully trained in the art of deep cleaning and our specialized sanitizing procedures. Our mission is to promote the safety and security of your staff and visitors with affordable and effective COVID-19 disinfection services and much more now and beyond the pandemic. Contact Enviro-Master Services in Tulsa to schedule a free consultation today.

Restroom & Hygiene Service

Any business restroom environment, including:

  • Gyms
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Stadiums
  • Grocery Stores
  • Industrial Facilities

Steps in the Service:

  • Replace air freshener
  • Clean all toilets and urinals and sinks
  • Replace all urinal screens
  • Refill all paper towels and toilet paper
  • Stock enough paper to last until the next service
  • Service and refill all soap and hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Electrostatic spray all surfaces

Why Enviro-Master:

  • Best price in the market
  • Best service level in the market
  • Soap is FREE with the service
  • This service saves you time and money
  • This service keeps employees and customers SAFE

What Our Customers Say

Casey Lamb

Appreciate the team at Enviro-Masters! They have been very responsive in servicing all 3 ASC location in Tulsa, OKC and Claremore. Their Tech's are friendly and on time each week. Great job!

Mary Bouakadakis

Enviro-Master was always on-time for each service and helped us keep our offices safe!

Enviro-Master Services Offers Commercial Restroom Cleaning Services to Businesses in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, OK is home to so many fun things to see and do. From the Tulsa Zoo and Oklahoma Aquarium to the Blue Whale of Catoosa, Safari Joe’s H2O, and the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium, there is never a shortage of fun to have in the area. When the fun is over, the people who play in Tulsa know how to roll up their sleeves and work hard. That means businesses need to respect that and work equally hard to provide clean and sanitized working areas for the people who make their businesses run. Enviro-Master Services of Tulsa, OK can help you with that.

Who is Enviro-Master Services?

Enviro-Master Services is a unique service for commercial cleaning. Whether you’re looking for bathroom cleaning services in Tulsa or you need to have your entire business cleaned and sanitized to protect against COVID-19 and countless other illnesses, viruses, and bacteria that linger on surfaces, we can help. Keeping your business clean and sanitary does more than reducing the number of sick days in your workspace. It also helps to boost employee morale, improve engagement, and prevent chain reaction illnesses that bring production and commerce to a standstill.

How Do Our Restroom Cleaning Services Benefit Businesses?

We offer more than the basics when it comes to our bathroom cleaning services. From our powerful germicide and electrostatic application method that minimizes risks of cross-contamination to our bathroom cleaning checklist we follow every time to make sure no task remains unfinished; we have the health of your workplace and your satisfaction with the results in mind. Our highly trained professionals understand the importance of thorough cleaning and customer satisfaction. You can trust that your bathrooms or workspaces will be clean and sanitized when we go to work for you.

What is our Electrostatic Spraying and Sanitary Service?

Unique to Enviro-Master Services is the electrostatic spraying service we offer. This service allows us to sanitize the surfaces in your bathroom and other areas of your workplace in a way that remains effective for seven days after we apply our germicide. It continues to kill germs, prevent odors, and prevent the transmission of various diseases for one full week! The reason this is possible is that the electrostatic dispersal of the germicide creates something like a static cling effect where the germicide clings to the surface for several days, continuing to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria all the while.

What You Should Look for When Selecting Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

When choosing a professional cleaning service for your business, it is important to take your time and make wise decisions. It is your job to protect the people who work for you from preventable illnesses, bacteria, and generally unsanitary conditions. We not only offer sanitation and deep cleaning services to keep your workspaces tidy; we also offer disinfection services to clean the things you can’t see with your eyes.

Contact Enviro-Master Services today to learn more about our food-safe, hospital-grade, and highly effective germicide, our electrostatic spraying method of application, and how they can help you enjoy a cleaner, more efficient workspace.

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