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Enviro-Master Services can be reached by phone or online. If you are a building owner or manager, contact us today to find out more about how we can clean the entirety of your unique facility. You can reach Enviro-Master Services by phone at 1-833-437-6776. Those who would like to contact us on the web can do so by completing our contact form.

Drain Treatment

Why is drain treatment important

  • Fats, oils, and greases (“FOG”) can lead to clogged or slow moving drains
  • Drain buildup can cause foul odors that cause employee and customer dissatisfaction
  • Flies and other pests use drains as a food source and breeding ground
  • Regular drain service can reduce grease trap cleanouts and the need for plumbers

Why Enviro-Master?

  • Save time and money by letting the hygiene experts keep your drain lines running clean
  • Our foaming drain line service treats the entire surface of the pipe (360 degrees) as the foam travels through the drain system
  • The unique formula of our drain line treatment digests fats, oils, and greases and turns them into carbon dioxide and water
  • Drain lines are best serviced weekly to keep buildup down and more flies from breeding, let our technicians stay on top of this so you don’t have to

What Our Customers Say

Casey Jarrett

Enviro comes and and gets the job done! Fast and efficient! Super friendly and professional as well! I'm always stocked up on anything I may need and everything is always ready to go! I highly recommend these guys 100%

emma cannon

love this company! shay is awesome and very friendly. they always do a good job

Enviro-Master Services Offers Commercial Drain Cleaning & Treatment to Salt Lake City, Utah Businesses

Salt Lake City is one of the country’s underrated gems. Though most people know Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah, few understand exactly what this city has to offer. With a population around 200,000, Salt Lake City has an active economy and plenty going on. Nature-lovers gravitate to this mountainous city as it presents unparalleled opportunities for hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding and enjoying the grater outdoors. Local attractions include the massive This Is the Place Heritage Park, the Red Butte Garden and Arboretum, the Church History Museum, the Clark Planetarium, the Discovery Gateway museum, the Utah Arts Festival and the stunning Wasatch Mountains slightly to the east of downtown.

Introduction to Enviro-Master Services

When it comes to commercial cleaning services, we are proud of our reputation as the best in the business in Salt Lake and beyond. Our crew embraces the opportunity to clean buildings of every type and size.  From corporate offices to schools, retail stores, government buildings and other types of facilities, we perform a wide array of cleanings tailored to the nuances of each facility. Our cleaning crew provides a restroom and hygiene service, COVID-19 targeted cleanings, disinfections, sanitizations, commercial drain cleaning service in Salt Lake City and so much more.

Drain Treatment Service

Our foaming drain line treatment is a highly specialized means of clearing out drains that are already clogged as well as those amid a nasty clog. This service is essential to preventing your facility’s drain from overflowing or clogging to the point that it becomes odorous. Drain problems will lead to underwhelming customer experiences that steer your once-loyal customers in the direction of your top competitors.

The solution is our weekly foaming drain line cleanings. We shock the system and implement a specialized bio-active foam that spreads throughout your drains including the drain lines. This foam covers the drain system interior, combating food particles that have built up within the drain and ultimately clearing the line. This is exactly what you need to prevent food and grease from building up in your drain and creating a terrible smell that disturbs your customers as well as your employees. Our foam drain line treatment is a completely organic means of clearing out all the gunk from your drains, so your facility remains clean, fresh and welcoming to everyone who steps foot inside.

Places to Use the Drain Treatment Service

Every Salt Lake City business with a restroom, kitchen, locker room or drain needs drain maintenance treatment. From gyms with locker rooms to restaurants with several drains, retail stores with large restrooms, office complexes and facilities of other types, our commercial drain cleaner team is prepared for all challenges.  If you have any question as to whether your unique facility can benefit from our commercial drain treatment service, reach out to us today.


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