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Our services are essential for Salt Lake City businesses and buildings of all sizes and types.  However, our Hand Hygiene Program is especially important for businesses that have shared surfaces and human contact.  In short, every local business can benefit from our Hand Hygiene Program.  From gyms to bars, restaurants, offices, government buildings, healthcare facilities, schools and beyond, just about every building will prove cleaner and safer with easily accessible hand sanitizer stations that are refilled and maintained with regularity.

Take advantage of our commercial cleaning services to start including more hand soap and hand sanitizer dispensers into your business or facility so you can focus on other priorities. Let us take care of your hand hygiene needs and wants. Enviro-Master Services of Salt Lake City is here to clean and sanitize your Salt Lake City building.  Contact us today at 1-833-437-6776 to learn more about our cleaning services and schedule service at your facility.

Hand Hygiene

Why Hand Hygiene is important

  • The CDC recommends regular handwashing and hand sanitizer use as some
  • Hand Hygiene is an important part of combating the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens
  • OSHA requires that employers provide handwashing facilities and businesses can receive fines and citations for not being in compliance
  • It is important that businesses always provide access to hand hygiene products for everyone’s safety

Why Enviro-Master?

  • Hand soap is provided FREE when the Hand Hygiene service is used in conjunction with the Restroom Hygiene service
  • Save time and money by letting the hygiene experts keep your soap and sanitizer dispensers full
  • Make sure your facility remains in compliance with OSHA and other regulatory bodies by staying fully stocked
  • Keep employees and customers safe by making sure they have access to hand hygiene products

What Our Customers Say

Casey Jarrett

Enviro comes and and gets the job done! Fast and efficient! Super friendly and professional as well! I'm always stocked up on anything I may need and everything is always ready to go! I highly recommend these guys 100%

emma cannon

love this company! shay is awesome and very friendly. they always do a good job

Quality Commercial Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer Service in Salt Lake City

You’ve always known the importance of washing hands and keeping a workplace clean Salt Lake City is revered as one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  Featuring scenic mountains and easy access to the water, this world-class city is beloved by nature lovers.  Salt Lake City is also the capital of Utah, serving as home to more than 200,000 people.  Locals and tourists alike rave about Salt Lake City’s plethora of outdoor recreation opportunities.  From skiing to snowboarding, hiking, biking, fishing and beyond, there is always something fun and exciting to do while outside in Salt Lake City.  Add in the fact that Salt Lake City has its fair share of parks, historical buildings and additional family-friendly attractions and there is even more reason to live in this unique scenic locale.  Local highlights include shopping at Trolley Square, the Hogle Zoo, Great Salt Lake and Lagoon Amusement Park.

Enviro-Master Services Hand Hygiene Program and Products

Salt Lake City has a bustling economy, meaning people are constantly on-the-go, shopping, enjoying the outdoors and living life to the fullest.  The comparably high level of activity in Salt Lake City heightens the chances for the transmission of coronavirus as well as other diseases, germs and other unsavory particles.  Enviro-Master Services of Salt Lake City is here to clean your building, ensuring it is safe for your hardworking employees as well as your customers.  Our cleaning services are cost-effective and make a meaningful difference in the cleanliness of your building.

We provide a Hand Hygiene Program that makes it easy for everyone in your building to quickly clean their hands.  Our services also extend to the Virus Vaporizer that protects your building’s visitors against harmful germs.  Additional examples of our cleaning services for Salt Lake City businesses include our Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning Service that eliminates the buildup on tile, grout and additional surfaces with a thorough and deep cleaning.  We are also proud to provide Restroom and Hygiene Service that brings out the best in your commercial facility’s restrooms, protecting them against viruses, diseases, germs and other harmful particles.  We even provide Drain Treatment Services to eliminate grease, gunk and nasty odors from your pipes, ensuring water can flow with ease.

Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Our Hand Hygiene Program is essential to ensuring everyone who enters your building has clean hands.  The sad truth is it is difficult to convince people to clean their hands with hot water and soap for the 15 to 20 seconds necessary for a thorough clean.  Instead, assume those who enter your facility will not wash their hands.  Be proactive by providing hand sanitizer.  Our team is here to do the work on your behalf.  We refill hand sanitizer stations at Salt Lake City businesses and other buildings to prevent the spread of COVID-19, also known as coronavirus.  Let our team implement this program at your facility and you will rest easy knowing your equipment is maintained every week and your hand sanitizer is refilled.

Whether you own a restaurant needing foaming hand soap refills or manage a gym that needs updated hand sanitizer dispensers, our team of experts will make sure you are always stocked. It’s essential to includer proper hand soap and hand sanitizer products for your business to help make customers feel safer and cleaner with easy access to dispensers. Our antibacterial hand soap and hand sanitizers can be used for any industry that is wanting to improve their business hygiene needs.


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