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Our cleaning gurus are here to clean your Salt Lake facility to perfection. Reach out to us today and ask about our bathroom cleaning service, electrostatic disinfection service, and other commercial cleaning services we offer!

Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning

Why is tile and grout cleaning important

  • Bacteria, germs, and disease cling to tile and porous grout
  • Fights the spread of harmful bacteria such as E. Coli, salmonella, staphylococcus
  • Safer floors: clean, dry floors mean reduced slip-and-fall accidents
  • Regular mopping doesn't cut it: regular cleaning can remove dirt but not germs

Where should you use this service

  • Restrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Stairwells
  • Locker Rooms and Gyms
  • Spill Locations
  • Lobbies and Entryways

Why Enviro-Master?

  • Enviro-Master goes the extra mile
  • All technicians wear the appropriate PPE
  • We get all the hard to reach areas cracks, crevices, and behind equipment
  • We use the industry's best in class automatic grout brushes and orbital scrub machines
  • All walls, fixtures, floors are washed and rinsed with hi-pressure spray
  • All water is vacuumed up for instant drying
  • The area is sprayed with an EPA registered electrostatic disinfection system to kill all germs
  • The job isn't done until the customer reviews the service

What Our Customers Say

Casey Jarrett

Enviro comes and and gets the job done! Fast and efficient! Super friendly and professional as well! I'm always stocked up on anything I may need and everything is always ready to go! I highly recommend these guys 100%

emma cannon

love this company! shay is awesome and very friendly. they always do a good job

Enviro-Master of Salt Lake Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

As Utah’s most populous city, Salt Lake City is held in high regard by nature-lovers.  Featuring glorious mountains, easy access to the water and unmatched visual beauty, Salt Lake City is a little slice of heaven here on Earth.  Salt Lake City is also revered for its friendly locals, bustling economy and myriad attractions that prove quite appealing to both residents and visitors alike.  Ask around town and you will find all sorts of different area businesses think highly of our cleaning services.  Enviro-Master of Salt Lake City are more than happy to do the dirty work that keeps commercial facilities spotlessly clean, safe for customers and pleasing to the eye.

The Benefits of Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Performing a deep cleaning of tile and grout is not exactly an easy job.  However, we embrace this challenge, providing a truly in-depth tile and grout cleaning service that leaves these important spaces as clean as possible.  Our team dons all the personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to perform a truly safe cleaning of your floors and additional tile and grout.  This in-depth cleaning begins with the removal of paper, trash and other debris on the floors.  Once all the superficial gunk is removed, it is time to perform a deep cleaning of the tile and grout to eliminate sticky residue and other nasty particles.

Though you might not be aware of the extent to which gunk has accumulated on your tile floors, you can safely assume this frequently traveled surface is laden with dirt, bacteria, germs and virus particles.  Grout is particularly challenging to clean as it is porous, absorbing nasty grime, dirt and gems.  However, tile also poses challenges as it has the potential to be laden with a thin layer of gunk consisting of grease, dirt and other unsavory particles.  This film-like layer of filth is a safety hazard and also serves as a feeding ground for bacteria.  Fret not as our cleaning crew is here to perform a deep cleaning of your tile and grout.  Our tile and grout cleaning services include the use of an electrostatic spray dubbed the Virus Vaporizer.  We spray this disinfectant which is complete with ingredients confirmed by the EPA to destroy coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, as well as nearly 50 other viruses and bacteria.

Places to Use Our Commercial Tile Cleaning Services

Our tile and grout cleaning services are helpful for all sorts of different surfaces throughout Salt Lake commercial facilities.  As an example, our tile and grout deep cleaning eliminates all the excess oils, contaminants and other gunk in restrooms.  This is the diminutive gunk that mops and brooms often leave behind.  Our tile and grout deep cleanings also prove quite helpful in kitchens.  This is exactly what you need to eliminate all the grease from grout lines and also remove it from behind kitchen equipment. Our cleaning service is also effective for freezers, refrigerators, coolers, walls and other kitchen components.

It probably wouldn’t surprise you that scientists have found thousands of different species of bacteria in public bathrooms, but did you know that scientists have studied the “geography” of restroom surfaces to find out what kinds of bacteria go where? Check out some of the findings of a study done by scientists at the University of Colorado. Viruses in men’s urinals can splash up. Scientists have found that virus particles at the base of a urinal can travel nearly a meter (about 3 feet) upward in droplets from the urine stream. But more than half of virus particles in urine travel outward to the restroom floor. Use Enviro-Master’s bathroom cleaning services to combat these germs!

If your facility has stairwells, you can benefit from our tile and grout cleaning service.  We clean treads on stairs, handrails, nooks, crannies, walls and ceilings to eliminate contaminants and all other nasty particles.  Additional common places where our tile and grout cleaning services are applied include showers, gyms, lockers, mats and areas where spills occur.

Enviro-Master’s Tile & Grout Cleaning Service Process

Our deep tile and grout cleaning is different from that performed in the typical home bathroom.  We do much more than perform a superficial clean.  Our team sprays down the space to be cleaned, applies the special products we use and gets to work with a clean microfiber towel to dust surfaces in preparation of the ensuing deep clean.  We rely on specialized grout brushes along with an orbital to scrub the floor, making sure to clean those hard-to-reach areas in the corners and other tight spaces.

We rinse the space from top to bottom with high pressure water then vacuum the dirty water.  A microfiber mop is used to eliminate excessive water.  We then use a microfiber towel to wipe the space.  Our team double-checks the area to ensure it is ready for a final cleaning with our electrostatic disinfection service.

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