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RPM Commercial Window Cleaning Service in West Palm Beach, Florida

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West Palm Beach is the perfect city for blending work and play, with a vibrant business community, restaurants, shopping, and the fresh ocean air only a short distance away. If you’re a business owner in the West Palm Beach area, you know how important the visual appearance of your commercial space can be to attracting and retaining customers.
While first impressions aren’t always everything, they directly complement your products, services, and customer service to provide the best experience you can to your valuable customers. By maintaining a clean visual appearance and investing in commercial cleaning for your business, you’ll be steps ahead of the competition to ensure your business maintains its professional image and helps your customers solve their most pressing needs and problems. This is where Enviro-Master Services of West Palm Beach comes in to ensure an attractive storefront.

RPM Window Cleaning

How Does RPM Window Cleaning Work?

  • Restore: Our one-time service removes oxidation, lime scale, and any atmospheric damage.
  • Protect: We protect your windows with a long-lasting bonding agent and perform this service twice yearly.
  • Maintain: We consistently maintain your windows with monthly cleaning services.

Clean Windows Are a Must for Your Business

The first step towards a successful business is curb appeal, setting a professional image for customers and clients. Show that your care about your facility and let us handle keeping your windows looking their best.

Why Choose Enviro-Master?

EMS has a variety of commercial cleaning services that your business can trust. We show up to do our job and do it right the first time. The needs of our customers are at the forefront of our business. For a reliable and consistent clean, choose Enviro-Master Services.

What Our Customers Say

Amy Becerra

Great products and service! Thank you!

Enviro-Master’s RPM Window Cleaning Service

Enviro-Master’s RPM (Restore, Protect, Maintain) is a commercial window cleaning service that is the perfect way to get all the interior and exterior window surfaces within your company’s commercial location, office building, or storefront shining and staying protected for many years to come. If your business appears neglected, customers will immediately take notice, especially if they see scaly, dirty windows on the front facia. Fortunately, the RPM Window Cleaning service from EMS is the perfect solution.

This service comes as a package, meaning the Enviro-Master team assigned to your location will restore your windows, ensure they’re protected, and maintain them multiple times per month.


On the first visit, the Enviro-Master team will restore your windows using industrial-formulated chemicals to remove all scale, oxidation, and atmospheric damage. This process is only done one time.


Next, the commercial window cleaning team will protect all your windows using a specialized bonding agent that acts as a glass shield and fills all cracks and micropores across your window surfaces. This protectant will be re-applied twice per year.


Finally, Enviro-Master will maintain your windows one to two times per month through expert washing and protectant re-application.

Experienced Window Cleaning Service in West Palm Beach

Enviro-Master is an award-winning, reputable commercial cleaning company with years of experience that has helped thousands of businesses within North America. We ensure cleanliness for our clients and customers while maintaining a professional image in the process.

If your business needs commercial cleaners and wants to get started in a fast and efficient manner, Enviro-Master can help you with quick onboarding and implementing our services into your businesses and storefronts in no time at all. When it comes to maintaining the appearance of your business, window cleaning is an often-overlooked service that can instantly improve the external appearance of your commercial locations and give your customers a great first impression of your company.

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If your business is ready for windows that look like new and remain protected for many years to come, contact Enviro-Master today for a free quote and commercial consultation. There’s no easier way to portray a professional and well-maintained image to your customers than through consistent expert window cleaning. Enviro-Master’s cleaning professionals have the proper equipment to perform regular maintenance and ensure a clean, welcoming storefront.

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